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For New Idiots Wanting to buy a Pinball!!!

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  • For New Idiots Wanting to buy a Pinball!!!

    First of all I'm the idiot.
    My question is "whats a good pinball for a newbie who knows jack shit about them?"

    I'll be getting a topper on my home loan soon and its either a dedicated Millipede or a Pinny, at the moment im leaning towards pinball because I don't have one..
    Pinballs really scare the shit out of me. PCBs I can repair easy enough but I dunno about pinballs they looks pretty complex.
    Things I'd like in a pinball.

    1. Something that will hold my interest for more than 5 minutes.
    2. Parts readily available
    3. Something that doesnt clonk, hammer, clunk, whirrr or spit acid im my eyes.
    4. Basically something that is fun and reliable.

    I'll sticky this thread i'm hoping to get a education on pinball "stuff"

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    Not sure how educational, but I'm not that technical when it comes to pcb's etc..
    Go for the pinny, mine gets way more use than the arcade machine, nohting better than seeing an mechancal device light up and you can interacte with it!..

    Other than pcb / chips / resisters etc the other stuff isn't too bad.. I've personally since my 'mishap' with you know who ,was in the deep end with piecing parts together, added extras and have done some repairs, mainly flipper and trough board. If I can do that, and seeing what you can do, I don't believe you will have a problem

    One thing I did was make a list of Pinny's I like, then search the Interweb for parts info etc for them!
    Also the DVD's from This Old Pinbal ( I bought one was excellent, nothing better to see how to fix somthing! see what they have listed...


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      i'd go for a pinball too. they are heaps of fun. If i was buying one i would go for the best ones out of the ones i have actually played, rather than taking other peoples advice on the which are the best cause everyones opinion differs. than, like savage said, make a list of the ones you like. then i'd search them on the pinball database to find out more about them. there's heaps of feedback for each pin and there's a fair bit of info on them.

      i don't know what your problem is with spitting acid - features like that really get the player involved, who cares about stuff like skin, or the ability to see.


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        I think there lies my problem I can't remember the ones i have played its been so long.
        Just need opinions on a good first Pinny. Judge Dredd??? Twilight Zone???
        Whats your Fav and why ?


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          EM "electro mechanical" pin's are cheap and a great first start. $300-900
          Good working machine will not need much work, Built to last

          SS "Solid state" first PCB based pins. Fun but can be harder to maintain. But new
          replacement boards available $800 - 1700

          DM "Dot Matrix" pins from 90's onwards more expensive and lot more complex
          A full shopped machine will be fun but $$$ $1500-$10000

          Pins take up a lot of room twice as much as a Arcade. But I think a games room needs a pin


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            I vote for EM


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              I think start out with an "EM" its a cheap start.
              Fun, everyone can play, Kids, wifes, no deep rules


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                hey Trav, I was in the same boat as you about 9 months ago except that you mentioned that you know nothing about pinballs whereas me.....well I know nothing about anything!
                I never played pinnies in the arcades and always thought they were for the old-timers. Thought one would look cool in my gamesroom , bought one, and now is an obsession of mine! I've now got 5
                I had no idea what to buy when I first started looking but wanted to make sure whatever I got was considered to be a good game so that if I didn't like it, I could say that pinballs aren't for me instead of wondering whether it was just a shit game.
                I read review sites and what rated the best to find out what real pinheads's a good link

                As for worrying about repairs and maintenance, well for me when I first bought mine, I was too scared to take the ****ing glass off But now, I've just about finished an almost full restore on a pinball and have successfully taken on every repair that has arisen. All I can say is don't let this deter you!

                Buy a pinny, it may just be your next passion!!!
                Man cannot live with just one pinball.


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                  A late model pin will hold your interest, and provide more of an ongoing challenge, than an EM.

                  Of course, it will cost you more. And require maintenance.

                  But in my view it's worth every cent.


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                    One other thing, I used Pinmame to play the pinnies I like. Trav get Twilght zone as that's one of my favorites, or Scared Stiff, love that game too. Forget what you want get what I want!!!
                    or a first good one would be Getway II, man that was on cool pinny, yeah get that too!


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                      You surely need a pin in your kingdom!!!!!

                      As for which one I agree with Savage - D/L Pinmame and strat playing some - whilst it is not exactly like the real thing you will be able to actually see what the game does "features, music, toys etc etc". Most tables are very well done.

                      When I decided to get into pins i had only played Adams and T2 a few times in the 90's - most of my wasted youth was in the 70's - 80's and pins were only the first half - Video took over "as it did with most". But I thought that the 90's machines were much better and would hold my attention longer - which turned out to be the case.

                      The only thing that can go against the 90's machines is that they will scare off some players/freinds "cant follow the ball and the shots or the rules" - but then who are you buying it for.

                      The other thing I would worry about is - Where will you put more pins once the bug gets into your system ........

                      BTW - if you can handle PCB repairs etc then 90's machines will be easy for you. I have done most repairs on my machines and also Full Strips "back to the bare PF". The only area i dont like to get into is the PCB's - scares me as they are the most exy things on a 90's pin- and my soldering iron is a $10 special form bunnings"



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                        here's some of peoples fav pins

                        whether you buy an em, 80's or 90's pinball is all personal prefference. here's what i think are some advantages / disadvantages of each decade

                        EM - i have never played an EM machine but think that they would be just as fun to play as the early 80's ones. (not much help here) easy to maintain but may need heaps of work to get into good nick again. very cheap to buy.

                        Early 80's - very fun to play if you get the right one, heaps of pop bumpers is always a plus, spinners and outlanes are great and they require more skill in my opinion than the newer 90's pins. still a few around in good nick, parts may be a bitch to find in some cases. can get them pretty cheap.

                        90'S and newer - i only like some 90's pins and they are mostly the ones with the 'barrer' playfields. i am really starting to hate stuff crammed in everywhere just for the sake of it. on most 90's pins wherever you hit the ball it's bound to do something. alot less skill to rack up points than the earlier ones. in saying that, the ones i like, i really like (dr who, austin powers, lethal weapon, south park, world poker tour to name a few) and they would probably be on the top of my list. newer pins frustrate me more than earlier ones but i do get pissed off easilly. these are alot more expensive to get good ones and will probably break down alot more.

                        this is just my opinion, please feel free to state yours if it differs!!!


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                          What about this one
                          WILLIAMS "FIRE" VERY RARE 1987 PINBALL


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                            Looks a little gay?


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                              Originally posted by Arcade King
                              Looks a little gay?
                              LOL. never thought I would hear a pinball refered to as being a little gay.. didn't go for much either
                              Last edited by Savage; 22nd June 2006, 04:32 PM.


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