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Pinball swap ring - a good idea?

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  • Pinball swap ring - a good idea?

    This is an idea I've been thinking about for a while. I'd like other peoples input.

    It seems that most people prefer to sell a machine and then go out and buy a new one, for what ever reason - bored with the game, really want something new etc.

    I have not really encountered a lot of swapping. eg. on a medium term basis (2-3 months) just to have a change.

    This seems to me to be a better idea rather than being at the mercy of a hyped up market where a termite infested cabinet that doesn't work is still likely to go for top dollar. Especially if you just want to try something new for a while without selling your old machine.

    Some considerations:

    1. Machines would have to be of a similar value. (photos/video taken to help with future complaints on return to original owner etc).

    2. Insurance coverage under each person's existing policies would have to be clarified and obtained....just in case something bad happened!

    3. Perhaps even to the point of a contractual agreement.

    4. Each owner is responsible for transporting their machine to the other person's place - avoids responsibility issues for damage in transit.

    I have a couple of machines I would be more than willing to swap for a few months just to try something new. I wonder how many others would consider the same? Maybe some sort of Feedback Forum like ePay.

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    Personally, I'm quite attached to my machines and I don't really like the idea of them being out of my posession for a while. I'm pretty fussy and I know I would crack the shits if I saw something wrong that I didn't cause. For me, it's no can do I'm afraid! I'm more than happy for people to play my machines but when I've put my hard earned cash into them, I don't really like the idea of letting someone else at them for a few months. How can you make sure they will clean the playfield every month, replace burnt globes etc. Then there is the issue of something major breaking. Who's at fault? The people playing it or was the problem initiated when the machine was still in the owner's hands? It could get ugly.


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      Great Idea


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        the complexities are boundless

        what is game of similar value - the never ending debate is why a game is worth what etc.

        the transporation either across a city or even interstate is going to be time-consuming and expensive. Add to that issues with something happening in transport (albeit it is your game) may make the deal worthless, parituclarly if the game has to be transported back to fix the issue

        The insurance issue becomes complex as insurance companies do not like insuring items like pinballs (they often have to be put in as specified items) and insurance companies don't like insuring items that do not belong to you.

        Contracts would kill it outright. If laypeople draft the contract it would be most likely worthless as you really need to get it right for it to be legally enforcable. If you start to get lawyers involved you have issues of whether it is a bailment, lease or other legal relationship. I would expect close to a grand in legal fees just to get it up and running.

        The idea in interesting in principle but the practicalities, I fear, ensure it won't get off the ground

        my few cents

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          Hmm, some good points have been raised.

          Was worth a thought I suppose


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