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Interesting Stern Error

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  • Interesting Stern Error

    At work today ,got called to deadpool. nothing happening ,no ball search,3 players up,credits to spare.I could see a ball in the sword handle,sitting there. Checked the wiring/plugs to the sword ,all looked fine Went into the diagnosis and got the message below . I had never seen it before, on any game. When all else fails power it off and on ,the error had gone and everything working.?????????[ATTACH=CONFIG]157107
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    I got this on Metallica. Also no issue but I recall at the end of a game i think it had issues trying to release a ball or two from the lock. Ofcourse I walked away when this happened so can't be sure. Anyway I believe people who have these errors, it is because the balls have become magnetized. I dunno if deadpool has magnets on the playfield?


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