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  • Help with Atari Superman

    Hi all

    I have been asked to help someone out with an Atari Superman but I have no experience with Ataris so I am looking to see if anyone else is able to help. The game reportedly does not work at all (won't turn on). Is anyone willing, or can anyone recommend, someone who is good with Ataris? The game is in Illawong NSW.

    Thanks guys
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    Atari machines are a bloody nightmare. Very hard to get them running and then bullet proof them.
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      Can Play while not spilling the beer.


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        If it doesn't power on check the fuses might be a simple fix.


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          Originally posted by Gemini2544 View Post
          If it doesn't power on check the fuses might be a simple fix.
          Yepp check the simple things first like fuses etc (main power fuses are in the bottom of the cabinet near the transfomer).
          Atari games have a switch that kills the power when the coin door is open so that might be worth checking too.


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