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Cheap roll down coin mech


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  • Cheap roll down coin mech

    I wasn't looking for this but found it on an eBay seller's site. It has speed & switch adjustments. Cheap $26.67AUD from China.

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    Looks nice. Need a guinea pig to try it out and see how it connects up to new and old games.


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      Similar to the picture ive posted and they do the job.
      Only difference in the picture of the ebay it has a switch.
      Click image for larger version

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        Check the specifications of what size coins they can use, the ebay one linked above wont work with most Australian coins.

        Ebay specifications:
        Coin thickness: 1.7mm-2.3mm
        Coin diameter: 22mm-27mm

        AU coins:
        $1 coin 3mm x 25mm
        $2 coin 2.8mm x 20.5mm
        20 cent 2.5mm x 28.65mm
        10 cent 2mm x 23.6mm
        5 cent 1.3mm x 19.41mm

        If the ebay specs are correct, 10 cent coin will work, none of the others will.

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          Devil is in the detail. I wouldn't have thought to check the size of Australian Coins. Thx


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            Is it for 'fun' to put in a home machine or for location?

            If it is for location I'd steer clear from the cheaper chinese coin mechs as they will end up costing you more in lost income when they have an issue than you will save by buying one.
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