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New pin day for me


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  • New pin day for me

    I don't have too many new pin days but today was one of those.

    Enter one walking dead premium to the collection. Have not played it properly yet, but hope to do so tomorrow

    Here's a couple of photos as its bed time now
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    That's a ripper. One of the best ever made. Happy NPD.


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      What a great game love my pro


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        No time for bed. Play it , pjlaaaay iiiiit.

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          Congrats, Lyman masterpiece. Will keep you entertained and frustrated for years to come.
          Riot, Bloodbath and Prison multiball stack is epic.


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            Congratulations Rob awesome game


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              One of my favorites
              live between the flip and the tilt


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                Congrats mate

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                  You are going to love that game!

                  Congratulations and welcome to the club.


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                    Congrats. It is a great game. You will love it and hate it so much at the same time.


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                      Congrats. One my faves in my collection.

                      Brilliant game.


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                        been playing a little and enjoying it. I still need to set it up better. It flows like butter, ramps are smooth as but the crossbow not so good. It was very steep when I installed the game and have eased it off a bit, but probably too much as the ball comes to rest on the rubber stopper that feeds the crossbow. I thought the angle was 6.5deg but maybe this game needs more lie 7deg, I dunno

                        Also I get the odd poor plunge for skill shot where the ball hits the pops and ofcourse doesn't make the drop lanes. Can happen on auto plunge using the button. Maybe the legs are too loose and have move slightly because I was sure she was level side to side but she could be out now???

                        Any tips welcome except for "mate you've got a lemon, need to sell it to me" lol


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                          Yes mate, welcome to the club. Great game that will sometimes kick your butt.


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                            The theme is of zero interest to me, but all these positive comments on the gameplay have me interested


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                              Originally posted by Ayanami View Post
                              The theme is of zero interest to me, but all these positive comments on the gameplay have me interested

                              Dude I ain’t even into the show and the game is nuts!

                              Make sure you put the R rated sound pack in.


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