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Trading Rules


The Trading Section is open to ALL registered members.


Please add the State and suburb in which the location of the items are being sold.

This is added by using the Prefix field to the left of the Title field. If an Item is pick up only then add a more specific location in the body of the add.


You must put a price for the item(s) you are selling and in the following format for example $3.5k or $3500 etc

If you are unsure of your items value then you are welcome to request a price check in the Pinball, Arcade, MAME etc forums to allow other members to have some input. Price checks should not be done in the for sale forum.

If you want people to make you an offer, then you must post a reserve price.

No Auction like selling tactics are permitted in the trading section.

If you wish to trade/ swap your item for another then please include the words "For Trade" or "Wanted to Trade" in the thread title


Don't link to online auction in the for sale section of this forum under any circumstances.
This section is only for trading within the forum. If you wish to link to your Ebay or other auction then do so in the Online Auctions section.


Disputes and Feedback.

Disputes on trades are to be handled in the first instance privately between the seller and buyer.

If a dispute is made public then keep to the facts, personal abuse will not be tolerated.

Aussie Arcade is only providing a forum in which trading can be conducted and takes no responsibility for the outcomes of any trading activity.

Feedback is an important part of establishing trust of both sellers and buyers. If you have a positive or negative transaction then please leave constructive feedback.


If your item is sold or no longer available, please update your listings by posting in the thread. There is a sticky post explaining how to do this in each trading section.


General: No hijacking other peoples for sale threads with your own items. Any "Spamming" or replies to For Sale items not relevant to the sale itself will be removed.


Commercial sellers are directed to this thread �Becoming an Aussie Arcade Sponsor�

Members who fail to adhere to the rules will receive a caution and have their post or for sale thread removed or edited.

If you have any questions or problems with the rules, then please discuss them with us.
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Trading forum is currently open to all to buy and sell. Good luck.

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Buyer and Seller Feedback
Report any good or bad experiences on any transaction via AA or an external site.
Make sure any complaint is backed up with evidence.
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Latest For Sale Threads


  • (sold) Stern Star trek Pro
    by Ryza
    I have a stern Star trek pro. Late 2016 build

    Was HUO until around march this year and has been lightly sighted.
    Will upload pictures later it's in the back of my car atm.

    Has a couple of small extras. Mirror blades figures and lighting

    Yesterday, 04:43 PM
  • 26” Tube & Chassis - Untested
    by Nicos
    For sale is my 26” tube and Chassis from this Chinese clone cab. I’m not sure if it works as I haven’t plugged it in to turn on and I’m not game to mess around with it.
    I’m pricing to move it on and hopefully someone with some knowledge can use it.

    I’ll leave it in the...
    Yesterday, 12:48 AM
  • Games Family 1066-in-1 Jamma - Not Working**
    by ItsUrFeminitzNYImNietYoma
    $150 + $15 postage.

    ** I put it as not working in the title but it's working intermittently with the current hard drive in it. If you can't get it to work, then it can be used for parts. Or, when I put another 2xxx-in-1 hard drive in to test it worked flawlessly, so my guess is it's a bad...
    27 September 2020, 06:52 PM
    by Glenn70
    I have a very straight set of original B/W legs from my JD. Structurally perfect and very straight, although some surface rust and faded gold colour on the insides, etc. Would suit someone who intends to electro-plate (chrome) or powder coat them. Comes with brand new set of 'leg levelers with nut'...
    27 September 2020, 02:45 PM
  • Printed manuals
    by Boof Head
    I’ve got two printed manuals. I have originals and these are no longer needed....
    27 September 2020, 11:50 AM
  • Pending - Police force score cards and topper label
    by tas_tig3r
    Found these clearing up the garage. $5 for both plus postage....
    27 September 2020, 07:59 AM
  • Big Buck Hunter (USA Imported)
    by Vadership
    Big Buck Hunter - Sportsman's Paradise !

    Monitor needs repair as its in collapse.
    So its basically playing blind, can hear the game playing in attract mode.

    Also comes with another working board, which is the original Big Buck Hunter.

    Step down transformer...
    26 September 2020, 06:37 PM
    by angs1957
    Time to let the old girl go to a new home.
    Working machine, plays fast for an EM, 4 player.
    See pics as they form part of the description.
    Pick up from Point Cook, 3030....
    26 September 2020, 05:43 PM
  • XBOX ONE - White console.
    by radirgyman
    Xbox one 500GB
    Includes Controller - HDMI cable and power chord.

    $300 includes postage.

    PM if you're interested.

    26 September 2020, 10:47 AM
  • SNES with games
    by Mick80
    SNES (PAL SNSP-001A CPU01 AUS 1992) with sound issues. Graphics are ok.

    Found C64 surface mount capacitor loose in the casing after transport. Capacitor included.

    2 controllers, original AC adaptor and A/V cable.

    Super Mario World and Super Battle Tank 2 (PAL)....
    26 September 2020, 08:47 AM

Latest Wanted Threads


  • Pokies microcoin ql mech pinout
    by kramer
    Anyone know the pinout for igt (pokies) microcoin ql coin mechs?

    I've got some microcoin ql mechs that were used for pokies, they have a 7 pin connector on them (2pins then key then 4 pins) . Just need to work out which wires are for ground and 12v.

    The other end of the cable...
    Today, 12:01 PM
  • WTB - DE Hook
    by AxedBandit
    Looking for a Data East Hook - any condition considered

    Today, 09:54 AM
  • #86 globes 6.3-Volt, .20 amp
    by HighTower
    Chasing some #86 globes for a Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    Need a dozen or so if anyone has any spare?

    Today, 04:33 AM
  • Mirror Blades
    by Jamie
    Looking to buy some black mirror blades for Metallica and some clear for Sega X Files. Anywhere in Aus have them?
    Yesterday, 07:47 PM
  • Decal for trap door
    by Jamie
    Looking for a decal of some kind to cover my trap door I had to have made up on X Files and possibly something to cover plastics over the optos. see pic. What’s the best solution to this?
    Yesterday, 07:44 PM
  • STTNG Plastic set wanted
    by Boof Head
    Anybody got a set they aren’t using and would part with? Cheers....
    Yesterday, 05:33 PM
  • Congo parts
    by Bubatom
    Hey there guys,

    I'm after some specific Congo parts if anyone is willing to sell.

    - Gorilla bearing bracket (04-10330.1) (seems to be out of stock everywhere)
    - New / used right plastic return ramp
    - Any new or used plastics
    - New or used translite in decent...
    27 September 2020, 08:51 PM
  • chocolate factory skill tester service manual
    by kramer
    anyone got the service manual / documentation for the WGA (win and grin) chocolate factory skill testers ?

    I've got one and want to repair it but don't have any documentation and the manufacturer seems to be closed down now....
    27 September 2020, 07:46 PM
  • Tron Pro (modded) or LE
    by Ferro
    Hi gang, what are my chances a Tron full modded Pro or a LE is out there wanting a new home??

    Thank you

    27 September 2020, 09:45 AM
  • Electric tomatoe mincer
    by ricindahunting
    Morning all,

    Princess has decided that she would like to make Tomatoe passatta this year from Toms we grow. If anyone has or knows of an electric tomatoe mincer that is no longer being used let me know. Because I like to push the envelope if it has the capacity to make sausages even better!!!...
    27 September 2020, 07:08 AM