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Rock-ola 490-1 mechanism problem


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  • Rock-ola 490-1 mechanism problem

    Rock-ola 490-1, gripper picks the record, moves to the turntable and places record. Tonearm moves to record then immediately moves tonearm back, gripper picks up record and puts it back into carousel. It goes through the motions but wont play the record. Also, all of this only happens when i have the scan / off / oper switch set to scan. Operate just makes the carousel spin endlessly. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Upon messing around with the juke again, I am able to make it play a record. I have to select record number from the keypad, push and hold the scan lever to scan, which goes to the number selected, the gripper arm grabs the correct record and starts its motion towards the platter. At this point i have to quickly flip the switch to operate, the gripper finishes laying the record on the platter, and the record will play, with sound. Record finishes, gripper picks up record and puts it back into carousel, then the carousel just spins until I push the scan lever back to scan position and hold until the carousel goes to home position and stops.


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