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NSM firebird amp rebuild


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  • NSM firebird amp rebuild

    Restoring a firebird cd wall mount jukebox, one side of amplifier is blowing fuse so will take the time to rebuild both sides of the amp whilst I have it on the bench.
    A few filter caps have been replaced already, I will replace the originals that are left.
    I suspect one of the transistors T151 to 154 has shorted blowing the fuse.
    I will replace all of them.
    Original transistors are NPN BDW 83C and PNP BDW 84C .
    I'm after advice on what would be the best replacement as I can't seem to find the originals for sale in Oz.

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    I am pretty sure BDW93C AND BDW94C can be used as replacements. Lower power parts but should work.

    Both available from element14 and in stock.


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