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1960 Rock-Ola 1485 magazine not rotating in operate mode

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  • 1960 Rock-Ola 1485 magazine not rotating in operate mode

    Hi all. I bought a 1960 Rock-Ola 1485 Tempo on Monday. It was working fine. I transported it home and set, it up everything worked fine. After about 30 records, the magazine stopped rotating so it will not select a record. If I switch the "Scan Service Switch" to scan mode, the magazine rotates and stops as required. My wife was playing the jukebox at the time of failure and she said that she hit the cancel button on the remote. It did not work after this point. I have purchased a manual and am familiarising myself with the internals and workings of the unit. Has anyone had this issue and if so, what was the cause?

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    Welcome to Aussie Arcade, sorry I don't know diddly squat about it but gee, it certainly a good looking machine.


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      I have narrowed it down to no signal getting to the scan switch relay or alternatively the scan switch relay is not working. I can get the magazine to rotate by manually operating the plunger on the scan switch relay but it will not make a selection.


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        Thanks Shan. It is in really good overall condition. I didn't know anything about them either but I am learning fast. I can now identify and name the 6 major components and briefly describe how they work. Amazing what a manual can do for you.


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          Welcome and good luck, there are folks here that specialize in juke boxes


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            Problem solved. Thank you to Peter Greenaway from Jukebox Repairs Australia who was able to diagnose the problem over the phone. While I had visually checked all the fuses, one was actually blown which was not picked up until a ran a multimeter over it.


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