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Wurlitzer New Orleans Error Code 8

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  • Wurlitzer New Orleans Error Code 8

    Hi everyone,
    I have a Wurlitzer New Orleans ii CD jukebox that is reading a flashing error code 8 on the display. It is caught in a sequence of picking up the CD and placing it on the player for a couple of seconds only to place it back in the carosell and then repeat the same thing continiously. Any pointers on where my problem is?
    Regards Craig.

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    Hi Craig,
    the number "8" is a TOC "Table of Contents" Error which means the laser is not reading the contents of the CD. If it has just started happening clean the CD, if it's a CDR then try an original CD. Also clean the laser lens with a Q tip and some isopropyl alcohol very gently and if this fails then the laser is dying. Sometimes with a dying laser leave the jukebox on for a 5 minutes then select a track from an original CD it normally plays them will work for hours. If you have a Philips CDM 12 industrial player then a replacement laser is pretty cheap if its a CDM Pro then that's unfortunate as replacements are often difficult to find but if it's a CDM Pro2 then your saved once again. Other wise you can always buy a new complete laser player and expect to pay big dollars for them. The manuals for this jukebox can be found on the Gibson Guitar Website, basically all the Wurlitzer CD jukeboxes are the same in hardware eg OMT and Rainbow


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      Thanks Hotty,
      I will have a go at what you suggest. If it doesn't read the disc because of a faulty laser, is that the reason it just continues to pick up and drop the same disc over and over?


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        If it's the same one particular disc then it's probably the disc itself this has happened to me but if it's most of the discs being selected then it's a high probability the laser is wearing out. I Occasionally it's a good idea to clean the discs to remove dust as those jukes like to attract dust inside of them. Look it may be more complicated like a faulty SCCR the thing that plugs into the disc player but by what your describing I doubt it very much. You can always test your amp by plugging in an ipod or anything that has RCA leads into the CD input on the amp or even a Bluetooth receiver and still pump out music if you want to check your amp or you need music for an upcoming occasion.


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          I have since put the S&CC unit into service mode and I can get the player to player to perform as it should, in fact play the full CD but when I Take it back out of service mode it goes back to Error code 8 and then starts repeating the original problem of picking up the cd and then returning again over and over!!! Doing my head in. I'm sure it is only something minor but I just can't work out how to re-set it.


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            That's positive I'm only guessing here without a reference to the manual cos I'm pressed for time but there is a "K" with a number micro switch that could be the problem, but download those manuals even if its the OMT 1015 as it covers all faults including yours, There is a field service manual as well as operators manual. Don't give up just yet it it maybe be a micro switch or a cam thats broken or come loose.


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