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Rowe CD100C carousel problem


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    Rowe CD100C carousel problem

    Hi all. My cousin has a CD100C which now the carousel wont turn and get error 05-51/52/53 etc depending on where i manually move the gripper mech to touch the cam switches.

    My cousin bought the machine with no display working and error lights on CCC that happened when previous owner tried to get cd working but swapped P1-P4 while the power was stil on. I ended up putting a new upgraded power supply circuit board in it as the 8v was only 6.25 and rowes upgrade kit show that it should of had the upgrade board in it but didn't and that fixed the display problem (even though a mobile repairer said the power supply is ok at 6.25v and said he needed another decoder board which was from a cdm4 and not the cdm12 which it has even though it has a cdm12 in it).

    Does anyone have any ideas or would a bad cdm12 player stop the carousel from rotating as the voltages to the mech decoder are good now,


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