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Update on rock-Ola 448


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  • Update on rock-Ola 448

    just wanted to post an update for a post I made 3 weeks ago about my tone arm sticking 30 seconds into playing a record, Although I didnt receive any replies on this question on here I

    did have great help from member Blown36 on another problem I was having with a spring, anyway guys I solved my problem with the tone arm and want to pass it on to other members

    on here so if anyone has the same problem they can try what I did,first I removed the tone arm and cleaned all the switch contacts and really cleaned the tone arm stem that goes into th

    housing and oiled it with 3 in 1 motor oil removed turn table and oiled the whole works on the mount plate, put it all back together and discovered the tone arm shaft would lift up and

    down with a lot of play even though it was secured with the set screw?? so I lifted the tone arm up and slipped a flat washer 1/8 thick under the plate on the tone arm,, and played 12

    selections without one skip on any record all is great,now I have to work on some selections not working, so my friends you can expect me back with more Questions, Thanks Guys


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    think it's great you took the time to post the above, even though you had to figure it out yourself.

    think the lack of response is because very few members are into (real) jukeboxes.

    have a nice, clean wurtlizer 2150 from 1957 sitting here waiting patiently to be restored.
    looking to buy gottlieb electro mechanical pinball machines from any era


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      great to see people looking after these old machines..
      "heads Up" do not use 3 in 1 motor oil
      it is very aggressive & will destroy plastic & rubber components also not good for motor winding's
      you should ONLY use 100% synthetic oil & not that dodgy synthetic oil from a car parts shop

      any way do you need any parts for this 448 ?? i just scrapped one ..
      i scrap jukeboxes


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