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Nado's Jukebox project

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  • Nado's Jukebox project

    Hi All,
    I've been planning to build a touchscreen jukebox for a while but had some trouble coming up with a design that suited the look i was going for while also being practical.

    Anyway, I come across a jukebox from a place called absolute music in South Africa that was pretty much exactly what i was going for and become the basis for my design.

    at present the project is about 75% complete. The Jukebox itself is almost ready for paint and I'm currently tweaking the computer/software that will be used.
    I'm not 100% sure what i'm doing speaker wise at this stage, presently i'm leaning towards just keeping the jukebox as is and plugging in so powered external speakers.
    Unfortunately when i started this project i hadn't thought to keep a camera handy so theres not a lot of shots of the early stages of construction.

    also you'll have to excuse the distorted images as my work area is an absolute pigsty

    Test fitting the screen. I routed out the screen area so that i'll be able to easily get to the monitor and touch screen overlay if something needs fixing or replacing. the plan at this stage is to have a brushed aluminum surround that will sit flush against the monitor

    And that's how it stands as of today. I'm fairly new at this so i've just been working it out as i go along

    Thanks for looking,


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    Have you considered using car speakers and amplifiers to really pack a punch when it comes to sound? Especially for bass sounds I recommend it and they can be powered by an old computer psu.
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      I really like the design..

      Keep the pictures coming and enjoy the build.


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        That look fantastic been looking for a good simple design myself.
        Cant wait to see it finished


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          Nice design.


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            very neat.. any update?


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              I want to do a jukebox similar to yours and have a few questions.

              What brand and size touch screen monitor are you using?

              What jukebox software do you intend to use?

              What thickness wood did you use and did you have any trouble bending it.

              Do you plan on putting any graphics on the jukebox, with such a large area you could do something really cool.

              I was thinking something like one of these USB FM transmitters would be good so I don't have to bother about speakers I could just tune into my stereo or even use a ghetto blaster etc.



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                How much interference would the wireless approach receive??


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                  I'd look at Bluetooth speakers instead of FM tuner/wireless ones.

                  Less interference etc.
                  Even I ignore me


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                    Hi Guys, Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm waiting for some parts to arrive before i can move on.

                    The screen i'm using is just an old 17" LCD i had in laying around. I'm using a touchscreen overlay that i purchased from
                    I haven't completely decided on the software yet, leaning towards etouch or parttime
                    the front skin of the juke is just 3mm mdf, It was really easy to bend even on the backside which is much steeper.
                    as far as graphics go i've been thinking about stenciling on some vector artwork, it'll prob just be black or silver depending on what colour i paint the juke.

                    I don't know much about transmitters but i'd imagine that if you transmitted your music over FM you would lose a lot of sound quality. I'll be plugging amplified nightclub/DJ type speakers into mine (for simplicity more than anything)




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