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  • Portable JukeBOX !

    Hi All,

    I just recently became a member but been reading this site for a month now. I can?t find some answers to some grey areas of my project. My Aim is to construct a jukebox which is fairly portable for example to move around into the bedroom, garage, games room or holiday house by car. I currently got a mini PC, 15? touch screen, wood and tools

    I will be using standard PC 3 piece speakers. I am going for some kind of performance to play all kinds of music. Has anyone heard the following and which would be the best? Sony SRSD25B or Altec lansing FX3022. Maybe there is more small 2.1/2.1? I know JBL have some too.
    Is it true if there is tomuch vibration I could damage the spinning hard disk?

    I tested about 4 different touch software about six months ago so I am welcome to demo any software. Hopefully can get this up and running before xmas.


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    Perhaps something like this: modified to the size of your choice, and with speakers integrated.

    Personally I prefered leaving the speakers seperate to the jukebox, that way I can plug it into a pair of PC speakers (if I had to) or a full blown amplifier and floor speakers. If you want to integrate them into the box, I wouldn't be too worried about vibration out of PC speakers, although I wouldn't recommend a strong subwoofer in the unit. If you're worried about magnetism or vibration affecting the HDD, why don't you consider some solid state storage for the operating system, and use removable USB keys on the back of the jukebox for your music (this is generally a great idea so that you can easily change playlists or get people to bring their own).

    I used "Ultimate Jukebox" which requires a modest registration but I'm quite happy with it.
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      The music hero is excellent.

      My aim isn?t to go for the loudest system. I ended up buying edifier 3350 speakers (50 watt PC speakers total) which I will hack and fit into a triangle box. Hope I don?t loose the sound quality.

      I tested Ultimate Jukebox and think it?s great. Kills other program with power and options. I think I will be going ahead. Only concern I have not tested yet is compilation CD?s, these get messy with different artist etc.


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