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  • full screen issues

    hi all.

    Im in the process of building a jukebox ( i know not quite MAME)
    And im having isues with my juke box program not bein the selected prog when windows wakes up from sleep. does that make any sense at all?

    thanks in advance,

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    Whats the name of your jukebox program ???

    Maybe stop windows from going to sleep might help to


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      juke box arcade (

      I want windows to go to stand by instead of shuting down mainly for speed but also for leting the prog start from where it left off much like a cd player in a car.


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        you could try a shell progam (shellit I think is the one that comes from the GameX site). That way the only program that runs is the juke FE.

        I am not too sure I understand the sleeping, if your playing a song I assume you don't want to put the juke to sleep ? You could possably set the pwr button on kbd (assume your running an encoder ?) to hibenate, not power down ?
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          Yes you'd need to go to your PC's Power settings, make sure nothing is turned off. Also disable any screensavers.

          I've never seen or used the software your using though?

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            thanks for your help so far. tho i may not hav explained what i was wantint to acheive.

            the sleep thing.
            What im wanting is instead of shuting down and the juke losing where it was up to in the song i have set the computer up so when u press the "off" button the PC pauses where its up to in the song then goes to sleep. then (this is where the problems start) when u press the power button the PC wakes and comes back to windows. and everything should start working again. but what is happenening is the juke prog is not sellected when WIn is started again much like when u minimize a window tho in this case the its still full screen but with the start bar showing. so because the juke prog is acting like its minimized it doesn't receive button presses therefor not starting playing again. but if a mouse is connected and u click on the juke prog, the start bar disapears and function is returned to juke.

            Sorry that was so long winded not sure how els to explain it hope its a little more understandable.



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