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Act jukebox wood cutter

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  • Act jukebox wood cutter

    Anyone in the ACT able to assit in a Jukebox project....
    I got the IT skills...but not the SAW Skills....
    Any in the area...keen to me

    Thanks in advance.

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    cheaper to buy a shell


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      But you know me..I do things the hard way....

      Shells you say....hhhmmmm


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        yep brushed stainless steel soft mount for 17 or 19 inch touchscreen,rack mounts


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          Yes I know the ones

          But I am affraid they will be out of my $$$ hence the MDF

          I have 2 x touchscreens...just no cab for them....


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            there like a couple of hundred bucks


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              Would make life a tad more easier.....

              Man so many choices.......

              I am torn it right the first time or take for ever with MDF....


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                just dive in mate, its worth trying. That is what I am doing.

                Some tips though

                - Get a a decent circular (craft) saw with a thin blade, this will make cutting lines easier.
                - Get a decent jigsaw, crap ones wont cut straight.
                - buy some filler.

                Also aim for a simple design, putting wood together is just like doing a jigsaw. I am learning too, and to be honest, i am using the experience to slowly up my skills to do some more woodworking around the house.

                Hire the tools if you have to, but plan all your cuts up front so that you can do all the cuts in an hour or two and then you wont need the tools as long
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                  True.....I should....

                  Its getting started the hard part.....

                  I got a easy plan....very similar to alot out there...upright with a slanted top....


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                    It does sound easier than it is but its worth it.

                    I have the building skills of a blind, armless man with dislexia when it comes to measuring.

                    But I have started to try it anyway. The worst that happens is I stuff up and need to try again. MDF is pretty cheap and you can always borrow tools or buy them anyway
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                      depends on how serious you are i guess and what sort of result you want


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                        I have seen those metal ones you have and I do agree great finished project....


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                          I just saw this on Ebay. This would make a fantasic frame for a Jukebox


                          All you need to do is put some 12 ml MDF on the back front and sides and paint it, or you could keep it bare bones and throw in a touch screen.

                          Might be worth it if you are unsure.

                          If my woodworking skills fail me I may look at something like this.

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                            If you bought that, you'd be doing so much woodwork anyway, it'd be cheaper, quicker and easier to do the lot yourself. I'm shit at woodwork and I built my first one. Amazing what putty and paint can fix up LOL!

                            My Projects - Space Invaders Bartop, Williams A-Go-Go, Galaxian Bartop, Jukebox Kiosk 1&2, Jukebox Kiosk 3, Virtual Minipin, Generic Upright, MultiCab, Rampage,


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                              Just give it a go.. most people in this forum don't have much skills with woodworking.. I don't have much. I now own like 2 power saws, a jigsaw, router and lots of other various things I never had before I started making jukeboxes and Arcade machines.. that or get a cabinetmaker to assist you.


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