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  • Black Tiger's Elusive Jukebox

    Time to unleash my Jukebox project to the AA board

    It all pretty much started when I spied an old, beat up Aristocrat poker machine from 1973 - it was called "Moon Money" and it was pretty much beyond repair.

    Still, the original glass front was all intact and the whole unit was built like a WW2 Lancaster bomber!! they built things to last back then!! nice and sturdy - perfect to house some sort of Jukebox setup inside.

    It only just occured to me that I stupidly only started to take photos of my project half way through, so unfortunately I haven't got a 'before' photo to post and I really regret it

    Oh well, down to business

    First of was the control panel. I wanted something that looks cool but was also nice and solid so I got some stainless steel look MDF paneling from a bloke I know who builds kitchens. It's AWESOME!!! it looks like stainless steel but it's hell thick and is also a hard durable surface.

    As you can see, being MDF, I could drill the holes for the buttons and chisel out the recesses for the triangular and oblong rectangular buttons (try doing that with an inch think piece of stainless steel!)

    This is the finished control panel, mounted onto the poker machine front (over the chute where the money used to gush out) I got another piece of MDF to go under it and made the edges nice and flush by using the matching "stainless steel look" edging that is made for the MDF
    This control panel was very much inspired by AdamC's excellent work on his Jukebox - it was a perfect fully functional layout and I sort of copied it, though I used the big rectangular buttons. They were supplied by Chris at Ozstick who did an exceptional job on the button labels!!

    This is pretty much the empty shell with the new front on it - you can see that good old '70 wood laminate

    Ok this is where I got creative - a while back I was talking about Tolex and how I wanted to try covering the sides of my Jukebox in it - originally I had my sights on using American Tweed - an cloth-type Tolex that they used on vintage guitar amplifiers like Fender in the 60's .......but then I found something that really caught my eye - SNAKE SKIN!!!!!!!!!! It's a red python textured snake skin Tolex!! I had to have it!! So I measured up what I needed and ordered it, which happened to come direct from the manufacturer way over in Detroit USA.
    It's the actual tolex that they use on Marshall guitar amplifiers and it looks amazing - you would swear it's real, very high quality stuff, not what you would find at place that sells vinyl and material.

    Here the jukebox on my 'operating table' with the completed sides - I'd just finished putting the black molding around the edges - it's not T-mold though - it's black laminex strip that you 'melt' onto the edge with a household iron turned up as hot as it goes. You can buy it in big rolls. Apparently the strip with the self-melting adhesive is not made anymore though and you have to glue it on with contact adhesive. But of course, my mate in the kitchen building industry got a hold of some. It's great having mates like that!!!

    A close up-shot of the snake skin Tolex and the black trim! very sexy
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    Ahh , about time you posted something on this !

    Is there pics missing between the paragraph about the MDF panel and the rectangular buttons, tho ?

    Looks really good !
    Does anything light up in the top part (Original pokie part) ?? might be an idea

    Good to see some of my idea's popping up here and there around the place in other projects.


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      And here it is in my shed, getting near finished with the LCD screen & front glass in place, the front loaded speakers installed - also the bottom speaker grille that replaced the old piece of woodgrain panel that used to be there. Behind it lies the active sub woofer.

      This is from the rear of my jukebox with the door open. It's a big hinged door that has a lockable latch on it so it can be closed up nicely when it's in operation.
      From the bottom is the sub woofer - a deep throw active woofer that really kicks when you crank it up, I had to make sure there was nothing loose that would rattle when it was loud!!
      Above that is the powerhouse, the computer that used to run my MAME cabinet before I upgraded it, above is the LCD screen which was very time consuming to install!! I had to build a mount out of steel and cut a hole for it in the steel frame too! that was a lot of hard work, but I got it to sit perfectly flush and sturdy.
      Above that, you can see the rollers/tumblers for the poker machine which i've cleaned up and kept all in original condition. They all have their actuators still in them so if they operate on 12 volts I much look at getting them working so they spin! that would be pretty freaky!!

      my neat little wiring job, hooking ever thing up to the IPAC and getting 12 volts to all the illuminated buttons - wasn't as much of a headache as I thought it would be

      this is a picture of when I booted up the machine for the first time! a very exciting moment for me! I nearly wet my pants I swear!!!!!!

      Here I am, looking very pleased with myself with the finished product! my very own jukebox in my games room that I have dreamed of having since trying to put on a song in a pub full of bikers when I was completely loaded on Jack Daniels (a long story that is pretty embarrassing)

      Here's the remote control that allows you to select tracks and sort though the albums from the other side of the room (neat huh) it was a pure coincidence that it can do this because I originally thought it wouldn't interface with SK Jukebox at all, but pickle me Grandma! it DOES!!!! what a bonus!!! The big rotary dial in the middle contols the volume which is the main feature I hoped would work - the other stuff it does is just an absolute bonus!!! can't believe what it does actually!
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        Looks Great, bet it sounds even better. Well Done


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          awsome mate...bloody looks the remote too
          Pinball Meets...I love em


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            Wow , it looks great when lit up !

            Are they blue LEDs under the control panel ?

            What kind of remote is that one ? Where did you get it ?

            About the tumblers ... maybe David_AVD could rig something up so it activates the reels when you put a song in , or just randomly ??


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              Here's the lights in action - the blue down lights under the CP is a light bar of LED that point downward - the light 'panel' below that was an idea of a really cluey bloke that I work with. I got a piece of white lycra material and fixed it to the back of the speaker grille. The idea was to put a light bar behind the lycra and being a synthetic material and reactive to light it should diffuse the light and glow like a big panel of light - sure enough it does!
              The two light bars that are mounted internally and directed at the lycra displays 52 million different colours which you can have rolling and fading or have it react to the music (the control panel for that is discretely on the back) it's another nifty little bells and whistles thing!

              Now for the one thing that i don't like about my cabinet - the speakers on the side! they look out of place and too modern for the retro look of the cab.
              It would have been easy enough to mount them on the inside, but that would mean the sound would be coming out at 90 degree angles and wouldn't sound as good - they have to be where they are to project the sound forward (nice and balanced) and also the remote control 'eye' is inset into the left speaker so that need to be in view too!!!

              At the end of the day I have to look at it for what it is (a machine that is designed to play music) and it sounds absolutely amazing as it is - very much like a BOSE sound system - eg crystal clear highs and mids, with a very powerful bass response that seems to come out of nowhere! I think that's a good trade off for having the speakers situated where they are, even if I don't really like them there

              Originally posted by AdamC View Post
              Are they blue LEDs under the control panel ?
              Yep! fits neatly into the recess under the CP! a total fluke, I didn't even plan it that way!!

              Originally posted by AdamC View Post
              What kind of remote is that one ? Where did you get it ?
              It came with the sound system that I installed - it's a Logitec Z-cinema 2.1 system - I tested a lot of stuff out - this one instantly blew my mind!
              Not only does it control the volume, bass, treble and virual surround, it's also controls SK Jukebox! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!
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                Originally posted by AdamC View Post
                About the tumblers ... maybe David_AVD could rig something up so it activates the reels when you put a song in , or just randomly ??
                HA! that would be very cool! do you think it could be done? the way they work is quite interesting for 1973 technology - each reel has arm/hook that is pulled downward by and actuator, in that motion spins the reel.
                The reels have little perforations in them with a light on one side and a light-receiver at the other - when all the perforations line up it tells the system it has a jackpot - it's pretty clever for it's time.

                The reel housing comes out as one piece with two spring loaded mounts each side - it's freaky:



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                  Cheers Black Tiger, thanks for the heads up on the speakers, I'm gonna have to check them out.
                  Nice job all round


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                    Nice unit...Pantera for the win !
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                      Originally posted by Dutchy View Post
                      Cheers Black Tiger, thanks for the heads up on the speakers, I'm gonna have to check them out.
                      Nice job all round
                      I think you'll be impressed - I did actually see a BOSE 2.1 system on ebay that would have fitted in pretty much the same manner, but with a starting bid of $2500, that kind of put an end to that dream quick smart

                      The Z-cinema comes in a bundle pack. I got it off ebay for a few hundred dollars, you can probably buy a cheaper one if you shop around.

                      I was really taking a colossal risk when I bought it, The two-way satellite speakers and long throw sub is what sold me, but I wasn't actually sure it was going to work for my application - it's active, so it needs it's own mains power, but the audio operates digitally via a USB link cable - I thought I was heading for a catastrophe right there, but it works perfectly!

                      Originally posted by Bendragon View Post
                      Nice unit...Pantera for the win !
                      Dimebag was a hero of mine, some people say I am starting to even look like him
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                        Nice look. I actually acquired an old pokie shell myself with the view of doing this. I'll try and design mine so the speakers aren't on the outside like that though. Not sure how yet =/

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                          wow, very impressive (and i'm not easily impressed)!
                          how much did it cost per metre landed (or do you have any leftover for the outside of a cocktail cabinet which im sure would look snippy) please?
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                            Work of art Black Tiger.
                            Play the pokies and listen to tunes, perfect.
                            The light bars really set it off nicely.
                            Maybe a big set of JBL's away from the unit for speakers.


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                              Great looking unit, I like it a lot..

                              You should hook up the original coin mech and get it to add credits for songs..! Drop 10c into the top and away you go..!

                              Z Cinema speakers look like the win..

                              Q. What OS are you running on this setup..? Media Centre, Vista..? Curious as to know how the speaker remote interacts with Windows / SK..


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