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Easter Project - Decasing PC to fit in jukebox - any tips/guides?

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  • Easter Project - Decasing PC to fit in jukebox - any tips/guides?


    As the title suggests this weekend i plan to decase my pc to fit in the wall mounted jukebox.

    Has anyone got any tips/guides to do this as i have never decased a pc before??



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    i decased a dell slim line not that long ago to go into jukie, though dell being dell each component has it's own removable casing.

    Because of this i decided to mount the board, drives and bits on a piece of mdf cut to size and then mount that into the cab. I just used velcro to hold them in. figured it's easier to swap things out. it is crude though, see below.

    When I come to do my next one, I'll probably use something like these on the side of the cab to fix the motherboard.

    I'd try and use a hard drive mounting chassis from the case, I have a case here that has dampers between the chassis and the HD. If you can get one like that.. sweet.

    i reckon you'll be right though, just remember to dry run the setup outside the cab before mounting to make sure distances are all good.


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      The hardest piece to mount wil be the power supply.

      Mobo is easy, 4 self tappers into the wood.

      hard drive can be mounted using some 90 degree brackets like what are used to assemble kitchen cupboards,

      Decase the power supply if you have to.

      What are you going to do for the rest of the weekend after you knock this over by lunchtime today???


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        Originally posted by biggeorge View Post
        The hardest piece to mount wil be the power supply.
        i was wondering about the powersupply.

        what would you suggest out of interest?

        Originally posted by biggeorge View Post
        What are you going to do for the rest of the weekend after you knock this over by lunchtime today???
        lol if he was in Vic, I'd give him a shovel.


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          I have lots of those 90 degree brackets, like the ones in this picture:

          I use them for EVERYTHING simply because I have a big box of them.
          Usually I can mount the power supply by using these brackets and jamming it in there somehow.

          The only suggestions I have are to either try and find some of these brackets or similar ones.
          Use sticky velcro thingys to hold the PS in place.
          De-case the PS motherboard and screw it to the timber
          Rig up some straps to hold it down somehow.

          Those brackets are useful for EVERYTHING in arcade, mame, jukebox machines. I use them for everything, from re-inforcing a wonky old cabinet, replacing coin mechs with microswitches, bolting the hard drive down, holding the subwoofer, speakers in place, etc.

          The other thing I find infinitely useful are the self-tapper screws used for kitchens as well, They are really pointy and sharp, tapered, chrome plated and about 1/2 an inch long with a very course thread. I'll post a pic if I find one.


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            If you ever decase the PSU, make sure you put it in a place where you won't get zapped while working inside, you'll also have to rig up the fan somehow. May be a better idea to drill/weld/stick some angle brackets on the side of the PSU's existing case and screw that on.

            If your PC has onvoard video, it makes this exercise so much easier, don't have to worry about keeping the video card upright somehow.


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              not real tough to rip it to bits

              but my suggestion is run an earth wire from the pc power supply to the mainboard and mainboard frame

              attach a wire from the psu metal cage and run one and attach it to the frame of the mobo

              attach another to one of the screws that goes in to the mainboard thru the mainboard

              also run an earth wire to the hard drive(s) and any cd/dvd roms drives you have from the power supply

              again attach a wire to the pc psu metal cage and run to the drives.they can be attached to the drives with screws

              hope this makes sense
              rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
              if your new to electronics and


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                Im with li_gangyi on the psu decasing. Unless you know very well what you are doing leave it alone , think also if anyone ever pokes there head inside and isnt "aware" they could very well regret touching it even by accident .


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                  thanks for the tips guys...i did it successfully today and the pc is running happily decased in my jukebox...cheers!


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                    nice one.. now pics or it didnt happen


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