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SK Jukebox working on one Windows 10 machine but not on another


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  • SK Jukebox working on one Windows 10 machine but not on another

    I've used SK Jukebox since The Win XP days and have recently upgraded my arcade machine to Win 10. I've tested SK Jukebox on my office PC and after a bit of tweaking with compatability mode got it working like a charm. Options load up and I can change all the settings.

    When it comes to installing it on the PC I'm using for my arcade cabinet (new computer, full install of Windows 10, same as my office computer) it works but closes down if I open the Options (default button 'O'). Right clicking on the window and selecting Options does the same thing...closes the program.

    I know there have been posts about SK Jukebox on these forums before but nothing that addressed this problem so I thought I'd post here. I've installed Visual Basic 6 and everything works except for the Options issue.

    Anyone with any tech knowledge possibly suggest why it may not be working on one windows 10 computer whilst working on another?


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    Just a thought, some Windows 10 installations are 32 bit while most are now 64 bit. Older programs are more likely to be compatible with 32 bit versions. You can quickly check which version is installed by right clicking 'This PC' in Windows Explorer (use folder Icon on taskbar to get into Windows Explorer first) and selecting Properties to view the About This PC page.

    That might not be the issue but worth checking for starters. Regards, John
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      Thanks for you reply John. My computer is 64 bit.

      But I did manage to get the SK Jukebox software to eventually run. I'm not sure how though. I'd pretty much given up so transported the Arcade PC from my office back into the arcade cab...wired it up and it just started working! All I did was install version 4 of the software, install Visual Basic Runtime 6 and then set the compatibility mode to Win XP SP 3.


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