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Jukebox software for coctail cabinets

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  • Jukebox software for coctail cabinets

    I've been searching for a jukebox program with screen rotation for my coctail mame cab. I've found several and the best one is Wincab. But I have several mates who want me to make them cabinets the same as the one I've built and the guy who owns wincab does not want me to distribute the software- even with a royalty.

    If it stayed mates only I would not be worried, but I know it will become mates of mates and I'll run afoul of the author

    So what I want is software that can be distributed for homeuse that has screen rotation and looks like an old Jukebox. Yes there is Arcade Music Box (wrong look) Multijuke (again wrong look) and two commercial products thatjust aren't right.

    The big issue seems to be screen rotation. Aussie Juke would do- but it doesn't rotate.

    I need a really simple clean interface like Wincab, Aussie Juke or Arcade Jukebox 8 that has rotation. I'd be prepared to pay a reasonable royalty if necessary

    Any ideas?

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    I could have a look into what's required for rotation in AussieJuke. Isn't there some way Windows can be rotated via the video card driver? This may be the best way?
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      Can't rotate thru windows? (asssuming your not running dos) I now the nvidia and raedon drives let you rotate the desktop.


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        David that would be great - rotation would make the product complete!

        I'm using lower spec machines that have onboard graphics (Dell GX270 or 280s)- so rotation is not an option. Wincab works well - but I'd rather use something with the authors knowledge




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          I just tried it with video card rotation and it does work but the layout gets a bit mashed up in the middle area. I'll have to have a think about that too.
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            I'm playing with a utility called irotate. It has either command line or hotkeys to rotate the screen. I've tried it at work and it works well- but work has an nvidia graphics card. Trick is to fire it before opening aussie juke.

            I'll try it in the cabinet which has an onboard intel graphics this afternnon and post my findings

            As you say the middle of the screen gets truncated. If we could get self sizing buttons the problem would be solved. Irotate is free for personal use

            If it works I'm thinking its a simple fix to get your program running with screen rotation- and very little code change

            Now just a wurlizter screen skin and it would be perfect!

            More later
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              It works with Intel graphics- but a change needs to be made in the registry to enable rotation

              from the site
              "RotationCaps" - set to 7 (dword)
              "EnableRotation" - set to 1 (dword)*
              "RotationPolicy" - set to 0 (dword)

              *with newer drivers this is a binary value, not a dword
              If binary vale 00 01 01 01

              So good workaround - just need to get the middle section self adjusting and problem solved


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