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  • pioneer jukebox

    I have just bought a pioneer juke and so did my mate, we both have the same problem, The cancel button on the remote does not work, is this a settings issue.
    It is a real pain in the bum as women keep putting crap songs on and the only way to delete them is to open the cabinet which is a pain and they know we are doing it........please someone help to keep me sane...........

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    rewire the internal buttons to be outside if you can't solve the remote prob


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      LOL I have the same problem with my juke. The only real answer is to keep the crap songs off the juke. I'm constantly amazed how women of ALL age groups simply must queue Abba songs

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        What is the model #
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          ban women from using it

          better yet, delete all the crap so it never gets played
          rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
          if your new to electronics and


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            cancel button pioneer juke

            I found out to cancel songs on these jukes you need to press both the cancel and the standby buttons at the same time, when the song stops press both buttons again and it will move on to the next song, What a weird set up but it works and i suppose it stops the kids from pressing the cancel by accident.

            Thanks Jeff, this info has helped me out and many other pioneer juke owners.


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