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  • Pricecheck please

    Hi, A little unusual but does anyone have any idea what a CD100A gold trim or 51 CD Rowe Juke would be worth with cd's?-
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    from memory a 1989 CD100 went for about $3000 in Sydney in late 2007 early 2008 - good condition

    it had an amazing penetrating sound you could listen to clearly standing in the middle of the cul-de-sac where is was stored in back side garage

    CD-100 example


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      i paid about 800 for my 77 rockola but that is 45's
      you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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        I've found a Rowe-AMI 100cd for a fair price BUT the laser is R/S. Checked by substituting one from a working one. Does anyone know how much to fix the laser and where please?,cheers


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          not the most reliable jukebox sadly


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            Delayed reply I know but replaced the laser in the cd100a with a cdm-12 and it plays well. Bonus being that the 51 and the 100 run the same gear so the old method of swap and see has paid off.


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              Rowe AMi Jukebox for Sale


              It is safe to say I am fairly useless when it comes to repairs, and just wondering if anyone knows of a Jukebox repair in Melbourne?

              It's an oldy, not sure of the exact model.

              The top of the jukebox says Rowe AMi Solid State Stereo 200 Selections

              I am also looking to sell this Jukebox if anyone is interested. It has sentimental value but unfortunately I do not have the space anymore.

              All offers considered!

              Thanks, Katie

              Click image for larger version

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