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    Hi all i have just joined your fantastic site, and it has relit my passion. I was an operator in melbourne for some years, a while ago, and an electrician by trade. i think once electronics get into your blood it never leaves.
    I have now decided to start dabbling in some home use games etc, and build a jukebox with touch screen and an old laptop, i just need some info as to where to start. if someone could give me a kick start with info or someparts for sale i would be very thankfull.
    Cheers Geoff

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    Hi Geoff and welcome to AA. Fill in the location field of your profile (still in Melbourne?) to make it easy for people to point you to somewhere local to you.

    There's a fair bit of information here already. A few QLD guys have built jukes recently - not sure about the VIC guys.

    The commercial section has links to parts sellers.
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      G'day, I'm sure we can point you in the right direction for parts etc, just ask
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        PM me your email Geoff, may have something that will help.



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