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Rowe CD100E Right Speaker Noise When Turning Pages

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  • Rowe CD100E Right Speaker Noise When Turning Pages

    Hi All

    Hoping someone may be able to help with a small issue of distortion/noise i experience when turning pages on my Rowe CD100E.
    Only seems to be the right top speaker and only when turning pages in one direction i have some "fuzzy" noise through the right hand speaker.

    I have tried earthing everything in the area, Cleaned connections on the title page motor and checked the speaker. I have also tried to separate the wiring to the title motor
    and the speaker from each other but still have the noise.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Check to see if there are any capacitors across the speaker and or title motor fwd rev wire in question.You may need to look at the circuit and see if there is a cap on left/ right , forward reverse wires of the motor as you say it only happens in one direction, so this means it's probably associated with that part of the circuit that changes the direction of the motor The cap may be exhausted causing the noise through lack of filtering in that part of F/R circuit.


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      Thanks for the advice, there are no caps on either of the speakers or the title page motor. These are just added across the speaker terminals at the speaker right? And between the 2 terminals at the title motor?


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        Yes but your problem may be amongst the title motor circuit or posiibly the relevant speaker channel. A juke or electronics tech could check specs on caps or get yourself an ESR meter and check them in circuit. However I might be miles off what the fault really is. As you said it sounds like a minor issue if it doesnt affect sound quality.


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