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Purchasing a Rowe cd 100

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  • Purchasing a Rowe cd 100

    Hi, im thinking of getting a Jukebox, I've always like the Rowe CD 100s, is there a particular model that is better than the others, what should you look out for when inspecting them? what is the price range you would expect to pay?

    Thanks I'm a novice when it comes to jukeboxes.

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    good choice,rowe parts are well priced and plentifull,awsome sound and well built. most of the cd boxes are exactly the same except for the cabinet.there is the newer models with newer components like a cd100k . the main problem with any cd jukebox is the lasers fail.not a big drama but annoying,you really just have to make sure it has a cdm12 or cdpro player, not one of the old style cdm4 or 3. probably a good price,between 1 to 3k


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      Ok thanks, I was looking at one with a cdm3, I guess upgrading to a pro is a lot of cash and effort? Is it better to stay away even if the cdm3 is working? Thanks

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