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  • CoreXY 3d Printer

    I am looking at building a CoreXY 3d printer for speed and size and will also be enclosing the unit so that I can print more reliably with higher temperature filaments. I am leaning towards the HevORT design, though I have looked at many others including the Voron and Railcore.

    I was wondering if anyone else has gone down this rabbit hole themselves and if so, what you have learned along your journey?
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    I never got around to it but I looked at making the Hevo and just read your link. Looks great He's basically refined the hevo. Voron gets a great rating but very expensive and quite limiting (as in design, purposely done by Voron).

    Would like to see where you go with this Sorry I didnt answer youre question but the HevORT looks the goods

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