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3D printing stoner selector knob


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  • 3D printing stoner selector knob


    I'm restoring a stoner candy machine and looking into the feasibility of having a selector knob made on a 3D printer.
    Mine has a bit of damage and good used seem very hard to find.
    I'm a newb on 3D printing so hope I can find a few answers here.
    How good will the writing on the selector knob print?
    Once scanned can the imperfections be tidied up or does it need to be a knob in very good original condition?
    Approx cost to scan and print in colour red.
    If anyone on this site has recommendations on where to scan and print, or willing to do it themselves let me know.
    Located Sutherland shire Sydney.

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    [MENTION=8180]swinks[/MENTION] knows all about that stuff


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      It is feasible but will require CAD design from scratch rather than scan. I am happy to help with the print but only just started with CAD so design of this detail is way out of my current skills.


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        Or you could do it the old fashioned way and make your own mold of the original ( cleaned up of course ) and produce a few extras


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          Originally posted by prktkljokr View Post
          Or you could do it the old fashioned way and make your own mold of the original ( cleaned up of course ) and produce a few extras

          Yer 3d printer would be fine but your right this would likely be the quickest way. So I would also +1 the molding idea if you dont have one or dont have skills to Draw up the file for a 3d printer.

          Now that said I have some of that re-usuble mold, I personally hate the shit.
          the other option shown is ok,
          I think the quickest and easiest molding Idea for some one at home, is the old faithfull silicone sealer and Corn flour method.
          can be done with household material and it is easy

          I have and often use the two part silicone rubber products designed just for making molds, But there are plenty of times when I just need a quick and simple mold so the old Corn starch and Silicone gets used.

          the jist of it is, you just use regular silicone Tube, squirt out the silicone on a bed of corn starch and Kneed it in till its in a good consistency to handle and evenly mixed.
          Press the item into the material and leave it cure, it is typically hard with in an hour so you gotta move quick, in a few hours the item can be removed from the mould. ready for pouring the casting resin


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            Thanks for the replies guys yes I definitely lack the skills to draw up the file for 3D printing so mould might be the go.
            I might first restore mine the best that I can if not happy then try the mould route.
            I've also been told that there is a metal sleeve in the center to stop the knob from wearing with the constant turning.

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