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  • Greetings from GC

    Hi folks,

    I dont think I ever posted an intro even though I've been an occasional 'lurker'. Been in love with Bally's for as long as I can remember. Very first machine was a 1978 Playboy. I actually thought my father purchased it but only recently discovered it was a rental. I guess that's why the guy was so p***ed dad and I did a shoddy job of re-painting the cabinet

    Last week, I acquired a Williams Big Deal. A lovely EM that has been badly neglected. I've taken it on as a project for the previous owner who was happy to give it away for free (couldnt let him do that however). Unfortunately, his friend did him a "solid" by storing the machine in a storage container where it possibly sustained some water damage and became a home for a family of rats.

    Big shout out to Tony (Illawarra Steelers) who I spoke with yesterday. An absolutely lovely and highly knowledgeable chap who clearly has a passion for pinball and is willing to take the time to talk to complete newbies like myself. It made my day. Thanks Tony!

    I'm about to tackle parts of the restoration myself, e.g. cabinet and playfield. I'll post some progress pictures shortly.


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    hey josh, welcome to aa. great to see you here.

    looking to buy gottlieb electro mechanical pinball machines from any era


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      Welcome to AA


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        Welcome to AA Josh. Looking forward to the journey with the Big Deal.


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            Hello Josh, welcome to Aussie Arcade.


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              Hi All! Thank you for the warm welcome. About to start a new thread for my first restoration project, a Williams Big Deal. Wish me luck!


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                My Projects - Space Invaders Bartop, Williams A-Go-Go, Galaxian Bartop, Jukebox Kiosk 1&2, Jukebox Kiosk 3, Virtual Minipin, Generic Upright, MultiCab, Rampage,


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                  Welcome to our madness......


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                    Welcome to AA Josh

                    Bruce Willis Party GIF by IFC


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                      Welcome to AA, look forward to the restoration thread


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