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  • Not Netflix (HBO) but we just finished season 2 of 'Succession' and it was SO GOOD. I don't watch a lot of everyday shows, have always leant more towards SF or Fantasy, escapism. but Succession is one of the best dramas i've seen in recent years. The writing, cast, everything, just can't fault it. It 100% deserves all the massive praise it's got.

    The show centers around a Multi-Billionaire Media-Empire family and it's head, the father. It's a rare show in that there isn't really a 100% likeable chracter. Everyone is a bit of a shit. Some are downright despicable, twisted emotionally. But so watchable.


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      Bruce Willis should stop acting now. He seems like he's had a stroke, or maybe heavy medication. With brucey, stick with the classics so you don't ruin the memories
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      • Watching Final Space. Animated series but worth a look.
        This is where it ends!


        • Originally posted by punkin View Post
          I've been watching one called Peaky Blinders. It's great in places but get's weird as **** for 5 mins every episode, like they have a guest director come in and do a 5 min section who knows nothing about the show. It'll flip into a dream fugue or something.

          Blacklist is ok and there's a million eps on there.

          Lucifer is one for the girls and guys to watch together.

          Meateater is a fantastic hunting show.
          As a hunter +1 on Meateater and if want to look at both sides then check out All the stars in the sky.


          • Its been mentioned already but HBO's His Dark Materials is awesome. Halfway through Season 2. Wife loves it too.

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            • We just finished The Queen's Gambit. Not anything to do with royalty no - it's about a young girl, orphaned, growing up into a young woman, chess prodigy genius and substance addict. It's really really good! The main actress is one of those you just can't take your eyes off, so compelling in what she does. Two thumbs up.


              • Yeah, it was some of the best TV I have watched in ages. I have never played a proper game of chess in my life, but that show was top-notch drama.


                • Yep, Queen’s Gambit was amazing

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                  • Finished watching Bloodline.
                    I don't know how to do the spoiler thing where you have text and it's covered until hover/click on it but fu*k it.
                    Big fan of Ben Mendelsohn.
                    Found it a lot to keep track of, but it kept building with all the different events, left me eager to watch the next episode, leading up to an unexpected an anticlimactic ending, what a waste of time.


                    • Originally posted by scotty View Post
                      Ive been forced to watch " black list " for the last couple months. Its actually pretty good.
                      Yep, just started this as well. Not to bad atm.

                      The back story with the family members is a little light but ok. Worth a watch though!

                      Started watching Prison Break again...haha...enjoying it.

                      Also gotta try:

                      We Are the Champions!! Classic!! Will appeal to our geek factor.


                      • Wandavision, just watched ep1, did not like

                        A mix between My Favorite Martian and Bewitched, but with none of the laughs

                        Maybe we are supposed to watch a full season to get to a 'it was all a dream ' moment?


                        • Alienist

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