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    Originally posted by DKong View Post
    Hot leg DarknessII
    Yeah it's easy to see why the Darkness split in two.

    You had the hard rock side of the Darkness, which has manifested itself in Stone Gods. Then you had the Glam side of Darkness (Justin) which is magnified in Hot Leg. I love all 3 bands, definitely catching both Stone Gods and Hot Leg when (if) they ever get to Oz!!
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      One more before bed....

      [ame=""]YouTube - apocalyptica-Anything but Love[/ame]

      Great song


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        [ame=""]YouTube - Hockey - Too Fake[/ame]


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          Dkong your videos dont work...embeds disabled


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            Originally posted by stu View Post
            Incubus have a really great song called "the warmth" "drive" is good as well

            YouTube - RSMV - The Warmth - Incubus

            Forget the film clip, its some crap someone else put behind the song...i could only find live copies of this song otherwise and they aren't as good as the non live version....i'm sure you've probably heard it anyways if you are an incubus fan. Even that version sounds crappier than the album version.

            Gotta love those depressing songs
            Ha, yeah this one too. Funny thing is i bought the Morning View Sessions dvd before i heard the album versions. and i still prefer the live tunes over the studio versions by far, each to there own though. Iguess its what you hear first you get used to

            Another fav from incubus
            [ame=""]YouTube - Megalomaniac - Incubus[/ame]

            [ame=""]YouTube - System of a Lego - Toxicity[/ame]
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              SOAD rocks.....i love all their albums right from their first one......Scars on Broadway are just as good if not better....they are the spinoff band without Serj the main singer...pity system is on indefinite hiatus at the moment.

              That lego vid is


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                Originally posted by stu View Post
                SOAD rocks.....i love all their albums right from their first one......Scars on Broadway are just as good if not better....they are the spinoff band without Serj the main singer...pity system is on indefinite hiatus at the moment.

                That lego vid is
                I agree, from 2000 onwards they went a bit commercial, but it produced some great tunes for the general public to become, how shall i say........familiar with


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                  Originally posted by wingtipvortex View Post
                  Can anyone guess what dance tune "used" this riff??
                  Anyhoo, this is what im listening to right now>>>
                  YouTube - Gary Numan - M.E.
                  "Where's Your Head At?" by Basement Jaxx

                  This is the song of the moment for me:

                  [ame=""]YouTube - Reflekt Feat Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Mix)(Arcdsa Videoremix)[/ame]

                  And this:

                  [ame=""]YouTube - Linkin Park - Shadow Of The Day (Blake Jarrell Remix)[/ame]



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                    SOAD were great and now Serj has his own project going:

                    [ame=""]YouTube - Serj Tankian "Empty Walls" official video[/ame]

                    [ame=""]YouTube - serj tankian-sky is over official video[/ame]

                    [ame=""]YouTube - New song from Fear Itself - Serj Tankian: Lie, Lie, Lie!![/ame]

                    [ame=""]YouTube - Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead[/ame]

                    Some great songs on his album

                    AANNNND Flogging Molly!!!
                    [ame=""]YouTube - Flogging Molly - "Seven Deadly Sins" Side One Dummy[/ame]


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                      [ame=""]YouTube - Tool - ?nema [uncut version - hq - fullscreen][/ame]


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                        taking a break from my usual tool\pearl jam and listening to a band i got to see when i was over being a groupy for park in the USA.
                        I think they ****in rock.. kinda remind me of the older presidents of the usa stuff (which i love)

                        [ame=""]YouTube - Mock Orange - World of Machines (video)[/ame]

                        [ame=""]YouTube - MOCK ORANGE-Song in D Live on Japanese Television[/ame]


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                          I've been listening to the videos in the Jukebox dvd/hard drive set that is doing the rounds.


                          Shadow, Comet, PZ, Spanish Eyes, Dogies, CP, BBBB, Gridiron, Jungle Lord, Gorgar, FlyHigh Playfield and Backglass, Centrelink Kiosk, Jim Beam Dart board, Vendmax Lolly Dispenser
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                          Elvira and Bluechip (given to Dad)


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                            ok the last 15 mins or so on my itunes came up with
                            [ame=""]YouTube - Sage Francis - Crumble[/ame]
                            [ame=""]YouTube - Santigold - L.E.S. Artistes (Official Music Video)[/ame]
                            [ame=" laynext_from=PL&index=16"]YouTube - DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt[/ame]
                            and on now is [ame=""]YouTube - The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba[/ame] (or was until i started to post this crap)
                            suprisingly good conisidering i normally get dud songs come up dont normally get 4 good ones in a row
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                              Originally posted by gints View Post
                              I can't stop listening to the two spin off bands from the ashes of The Darkness:

                              Thats a pretty good tune. I see they have lost the camp type values since Justin Hawkins ****ed off.

                              I must say though, I seen The Darkness back in the UK in 2006 and it was the most amazing gig. Hawkins came on stage riding a big pair of pink tits with flashing nipples, which was attached to a rig that went right out into the pit. Awesome.

                              Anyway, I've just finished listening too . . . . . .

                              [ame=""]YouTube - Skunk Anansie - Weak[/ame]


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                                at the moment, i cant get enough of the Presets (which is very far from my usual taste!) this song has been my staple to and from work song, it puts me in a good mood. i don't know what it is, i just think it's a great song... has a nice lyrical feel.[ame=""][/ame]

                                plus my usual tool, vast, placebo, apc etc.


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