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Funny shit, Part 1: Scamming the scammer


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  • Funny shit, Part 1: Scamming the scammer


    OK, a little setting up is required for this one, so bare with me....

    It seems that certain items (mobile phones, laptops, etc) when listed on ebay attract international attention from Nigeria.

    They win using accounts registered in other countries, then want it shipped to Nigeria.

    They offer to pay HUGE amounts for the item and for postage. They dont care "just get it to me quick". Then they send fake emails pretending to be from BIDPAY saying that the payment is made. Of course if the seller sends the item, there is no payment and they loose their item.

    I have never thought of the word "Bob Sagat" as a sware word, but it strangely works !!!

    More info here:

    Well, this guy decided to fight back by sending them this...



    OK, this site is about a guy who has Tourette's Syndrome (and is appently a bit retarded and/or drunk too) and a family member decided to follow him around the house with a video camera...and post the vids on the net !?!

    Dunno if it 100% for real or what. A little bit slack if it is. But damn funny all the same. The one where he phones Colgate to complain because it made him "feel like shit" and then he pees his pants because of the music they play when he is on hold is a riot.

    I have never considered the term "Bob Sagat" to be a sware word before, but it strangely fits !!!
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    The PPPPPowerBook .... That's GOLD
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      ahh the good ol pppowerbook, that should be listed on ebay's signup page imo. not seen it posted anywhere for a fair while *chuckles* thanks for remindihg me about that site
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        Lol read the pppowerbook before. It's a classic.

        What always makes me laugh with these stories especially after looking at that ebay forum thread you sent, is that the people that did get scammed say 'oh it looked like it was a totally legitimate bidpay email.' Only takes about 20 seconds to read through some of these to realise the way they are written is absolutely appaling and no major company would write in such poor english.

        I had a friend that got caught by something similar, she was being sent really fake looking ebay emails saying she needed to enter her username and password to confirm her details. Anyway after she did they hijacked her account to use to sell fake products and changed her email address so she wouldn't get all these listings appearing. Without her even contacting ebay though they must have realised it was a scam and they restored her account.
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