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  • Searching for "Aussie Arcade"

    Hi guys,
    I might be showing some of my ignorance here, but I was at a mate's house last night and we found it extremely difficult to find this site with google. I didn't know the address so we searched under "aussie arcade" and it did not show in any of the results. Could these words not be listed as key search words for the site - if that's how it works?? The only reason why I mention it is because maybe it's difficult for people to find this site, not members, but people just "surfing". Most likely it's just me
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    Google themselves crawl the net and add sites as they find them. So there may be a period of time between the site going up and Google seeing it.

    You can, however, manually tell Google about your site. Thus doing their work for them via this link
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      Hey guys yeah the site has recently been added to google.
      I dunno how it works but if you put aussiearcade as one word it works or at least shows up the addy to the old site.
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        The MSNBot Spider has been doing its thing so now if you type aussie arcade into the msn search engine this site comes up.
        I guess old Google is a little slow.


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