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Big thanks to Wotto


For everything other than Pinball and Arcade.

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    Big thanks to Wotto

    I just wanted to publically thank Wotto for an incredible act of generosity. He gave me an entire set of Bally Harlem Globetrotters plastics and pop bumper caps absolutely free. Not only did he give them to me for free, he also paid for the postage for the items. The care he took in packaging the plastics is absolutely amazing, especially since he was giving them away. This was an incredibly generous thing to do and I thought it deserved to be known what a nice guy he is. Thanks very much Wotto. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

    Yep, Well done Wotto,

    Stand up guy he is.
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    The Pinny Parlour Welcomes you to Aussie Arcade.


      Getting all misty eyed

      We need more people like this.


        Yes.. this type of thing is great to see!

        ...considering the ususal crap you are bound to see when collecting or oporating arcade/pinball.

        Big Upz to Virg, once again, for his Power Sulpy sent to me. TOTALY FREE!

        ...I have got your buttons all ready to post, but they are at work and I haven't been to that particular branch for agaes (but I will make sure I do next week ). I only had 2 red, so I made the rest yellow. Is that cool?

        ...otherwise I have some used red ones you can have, they are alright, but I thought new would be better .


          similar deal here too - Berty was giving me advice on sound cards and then generously sent me one he had spare. Some people here have been very generous to me with taking time out to assist me in my tech/IT headaches. It's this generosity from fellow members that makes it such a pleasure to be part of this community.
          Thanks guys!
          Man cannot live with just one pinball.


            I have to give thanks also to MrP for helping me sort out my naomi bios stuff.

            "Me so happy, me want to cry" -Bizzaro Jerry Seinfeld

            Great to see you enjoying the card too mate!


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