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    Have you actually tried to verify that lot?

    Serious question.

    Caviat: you cant use concocted "fakt checker" websites ... we're talking legitimate cross check or verification not hocus pocus from propo websites.

    I had those stories come up too. Trouble was they didn't stand up to any reasonable scrutiny, as in motives and layers deep, verification sort of peiters to nothing much?. It becomes somewhat discredited by association with a bit of investigative legwork.

    The reality is that a big part of me would certainly hope you could be right in your faith in big media. I would really like to see the demonising evidence that stacks up and makes sense? . The view you hold currently is basically the type of angle I believed a few years ago. But 2+2 does not make 5. There are Four lights!

    On the other hand the big media is proven over and over time and again that they aren't that credible at all, as can be demonstrated endlessly. People seem to not be able to face up to this though, even when they say it? . I mean, what is with that contradiction?

    Almost like half the population got stockholm syndrome Lol .

    Seriously man, I ain't here to rubbish or make fun of anyone. I'm interested in sharing views between, and learning things from the experiences of others. Vece verca.

    I apreciate that your posts are moving to more of a discussion and 2 way perspective. Alot of times it seems that people assume every bit of what I (or anyone) post is what I unequivically believe, when really alot of times it is actually a partial thing, and I am just interested to hear someone else's thoughts on it. But then sometimes the replies are just shallow and ignorant of the content, which I could only assume might be some sort of bias. I am happy to be Proven wrong about beliefs or suspicions, absolutely. I'd rather admit I was wrong, and move to a realistic understanding, if I am.

    Anyway thanks for the content and reference in the post. I will check again too, just because I aught to, since you made the effort to call it up.

    Hey, I really am just an ordinary working reasonable guy. I'm not into "conspiracy theory" culture. I am into learning things, and understanding. It has worthwhile benefits. I actively try to not abuse or belittle people, they don't deserve it any more than I do. Respect, we're all australians and we should help each other.

    Letting division and hatred be perpetuated should be worked against by any one of us, and all, together.

    Evidence of political and media manipulation and incompetence (being nice there) is irefutably demonstrated by the exposing of the Australia Post vs Banks scandal, which is abhorent and should be understood by every Australian. That is a starting point, just on the topic of corruption.

    Corruption will certainly have an impact or influence on your bet, to some proportion. The thing about burying information, or discrediting/deplatforming... it becomes inherently hard to find the incriminating evidence, and that is before they dump a continuous Tidal Wave of rubbish theories and information (which get Made viral with Algo) on top to conceal any leftover pieces of evidence. No wonder actual conspiracy evidence is hard to uncover.


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      Ok we've had our fun. I'll get a mid to move the kd few posts to a new thread and we can talk about it there. This is just a fun thread about a bet
      Danny Galaga- the man with no signature...


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        Indeed, I get that.


        The CTT that's already there, I'm sure that will do mate.

        Also, on the bet ... was just trying to show some of the working I had. My bet would be it won't be what either of you suspect, really. Even if "technically" there were still a winner.

        There are wide ranging topics that may influence it.



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            Originally posted by danny_galaga View Post
            Here is my last reply for you- questioning everything, all the time doesn't make you Galileo Galilee. It just makes you one step closer to paranoid schizophrenia than most of us. Maybe black is white, maybe up is down, maybe the earth is flat, maybe no one has ever been to the moon, maybe maybe maybe. Maybe there are thousands of people more qualified to answer those questions than you or I. So there's really no point questioning EVERY.SINGLE.THING.ALL.OF.THE.TIME.
            ok, let's pretend the Illuminati are covering up the fact the world is flat or whatever it is you believe. How will it actually make your day to day life any different?

            The psychology of conspiracy belief is simple- you feel like you have no control, but that can be explained by this secret thing you know that everyone else is too ignorant to see. Only YOU can see it, if only people would listen.

            I've had two friends fall victim to paranoid schizophrenia. The symptoms are clear, especially in retrospect. The smarter of my two friends was too smart for his own good. CIA conspiracies abounded. I lost track of him and I wouldn't be surprised if he is dead. The guy that ostensibly wasn't as smart recognised something was wrong and checked himself into hospital.

            I suggest staying off the hooch as a start.
            To just clarify, You are telling a story here, okay. Based on your imagination or interpretation from somewhere , and I'm not really that upset and you can certainly post your thoughts. I care about your speaking of your situation. You might be describing something, whatever you know or are familiar with.. I give my condolences about your friends. Honestly.

            Of course, projecting off whatever viral conspiracy pop backwards theories you might spend your time studying, is saying really nothing about me. Most of your speculation post seems to be based on some poor assumptions. You don't know anything about me. None of it really reflects me at all. Except apparently caring about day to day life, and noticing More blatant b~s. We surely share some good values. I would hope so anyway

            Day to day life. Yep, that is what matters. Also not promoting division. I can agree with that too!

            Anyway man, I sincerely didn't intend to upset or offend you. I got it sidetracked. Just that there is no denying that there is some funny business going on these days, I'm speaking locally.. We aren't concerned with moon landings or 5g or bill gates or vaccine chips .... they make great distractions for some ....

            I'm basically mainly concerned with the post office situation here, and what is happening at the hand of the banks via govt. We're rural, branches closed everywhere but Aust Post been saving the day. If more people don't care; kiss Aust. Post as we know it goodbye. What they are doing to those franchisees, Aussies, is absolutely reprehensible, admitted, proven.... and every effort being made to undermine good people, many thousands of them (aust post govt franchisees). Only really country people care much at all about it, seems like. Minority :3

            Yep that last bit there. Not really a "pinch of salt" type issue for us. I mean me and almost everyone I know, DTD IRL I mean.

            How ironic, yeah, you guessed it... sort of problematic! Lol

            I'll say, don't bother with rabbit hole diving. It's a bad idea. You only have to poke with a stick really, if you must. Rather than just looking into the hole, or the opposite extreme ... diving headlong deep into what is likely just mostly s#it . Poke with a stick, almost always there's nothing sensible to see, just s#it. Now and then, or when you come by one. Well poking australia post debacle, there was something reasonable to see, doesn't seem to be a theory from what I have found. Can someone disprove this? ... as history as well I mean. It's there. That's all. Starts in the '80s.

            The flowrate of s#it from the mainstream portal, that sure seems to be one of the rabbit holes to not be diving into! Lol


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              Mate you need to lay off the shrooms.


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                Originally posted by dzhay1981 View Post
                Mate you need to lay off the shrooms.
                Sorry mate, can you please start your own thread for your "shroom" habbit? . To get back to the topic. Lol

                If you have something thoughtful about the topic to say though, that would be great!


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                  someone else posted about AusPost last year


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                    Originally posted by Pop Bumper Pete View Post
                    someone else posted about AusPost last year
                    Indeed, it continues. It is coming to a head though. People should be aware that's all I'm doing. Once done is done, can't complain later. The final round of counterproductive privatisation. Just plays to big corp, and banks.

                    None of this abuse being covered up benefits ordinary Australians. It is worth speaking out against, and supporting. Looking into it.

                    Very few seem to stand up nowdays.

                    All kneeling... ? .

                    For all I know, this stuff is all wrong. Asking other people what they think is something humans do to learn about stuff and things. Well, I suppose it is what they used to do? . How we progressed to a certain point. Now the other way??


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                      Originally posted by razorsedge View Post
                      Have you actually tried to verify that lot?

                      Serious question.
                      Isn't the point of a conspiracy to not let people know? I doubt News Corp are going to post what they are up to on

                      Danny Galaga- the man with no signature...


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                        Originally posted by danny_galaga View Post

                        Isn't the point of a conspiracy to not let people know? I doubt News Corp are going to post what they are up to on



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                          Gotta love Rick and Morty 😊

                          so what I'm getting at is that even if you were a forensic accountant with Deloitte touche tomatsu you are never going to discern the machinations of a large company. Just to get an idea of what really happens when something really is up takes a large team, and someone to pay for it, usually a government concerned about corruption or collusion etc.

                          Most actual major conspiracies only ever become apparent many years after the event, and usually once no one cares. If it turns out that the CIA killed JFK or that Harold Holt hitched a ride on a Chinese submarine, who really cares now? Did you know that the RAF led a fire bombing campaign against the Kurds in the 1920s for instance. That came out in the 1980s once it's official secrets status lapsed. What a heinous thing for a government to do. Not only map a wholennation out of existence, but then fire bomb them in the hopes that they just go away. But who cares now?

                          And whatever you think is happening now, you will never discern by surfing the net.
                          Danny Galaga- the man with no signature...


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                            Thing is, corrupt govt not going to investigate or expose itself ...

                            As seen with Aust Post problem.

                            I wouldn't go to extremes of suggesting nobody can do anything. Discussion does not need to be written off. That is the way people have missed the alteration of history, or just simply don't learn about it.

                            Stifling education is a great way to stop people asking "the wrong questions".

                            I generally agree with what you're saying though. But noticing the brevity of your argument supports the notion that so much goes by the wayside that can be made sense of to some degree. Yes you are right, but still what you write is surely missing alot of unknowns that get filled with myriads of assumptions.

                            Assumptions are just that, assumptions. Not certainties.

                            The old boiling frog situation. Nothing is wrong, until it's painfully clear that something is wrong.

                            Consider plans including best and worst case possibilities, still obviously hope for the best

                            I'm hoping for the best with the APost situation locally here, and across the country. I realise it is only by Aussies being active that anything constructive might happen. So I speak up as well as did something. Dozens of names I know I have helped add to the petition thanks simply to spreading the word and communicating (most of them real people in the real world, locals, but also many on here aparently).

                            That's it on that topic, I done what I thought I should, for day to day life that we have here.


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                              Interesting perspective on what news network is credible. The largest in the world is also the one users have to pay for to get sort of says something to me.

                              Why do so many pay when you can get it for free?.

                              Maybe if you start paying as well, you might get to hear both sides of the story as well or atleast the full story rather than the shortened tainted version.

                              Until you start seeing both what is free and what you pay for and compare the way the same stories are told, you are totally in the blind as to what is actually going on.


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                                Another way to put it, "free" media demonising someone with hearsay and out of context sound bits .... should give anyone reasonable a hint that the demonised person is just being discredited so that nobody listens to the sense they might be talking, exposing.

                                Makes it worth hearing their own words rether than the made up grapevine, actually. They may well be full of crap, but things need to be considered then written off, not ignored completely. To always just ignore completely breeds retarded views, as does the single kind of biased information source. "Propogated media".

                                Filtering information when most of it is rubbish is hard. But building trust in sources that make sense and add up helps a little. Stopping the putting trust in stuff that simply does not add up, that helps too.

                                Sharing stuff we find also helps too, helps everyone. I might just share something because of not being sure, and wanting another perspective. That shares my discovery effort with others, at the same time as helping with crediting or discrediting.

                                Teamwork and care between humans, not division or hate that is being instilled by the systems we have dominating.


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