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SA - Getting the Victoria Treatment


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  • SA - Getting the Victoria Treatment

    Well here we go....

    South Australia will enter a full Melbourne-style lockdown as authorities desperately attempt to stem an imposing second wave of COVID-19 cases.

    Premier Steven Marshall announced on Wednesday that sweeping new restrictions will be put in place almost immediately to restrict movement and slow the virus’ spread.

    Just two new cases were linked to the Parafield cluster overnight, but Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier says the measures are necessary as the state battles a fast-spreading strain of the virus.

    Restriction changes
    Effective from 11.59pm Wednesday the following rules will come into effect for six days:
    Shut down:
    • All schools except for children of essential workers
    • Takeaway food
    • Universities
    • Pubs, cafes, food courts and coffee shops
    • Elective surgery
    • Open inspections
    • Outdoor sport and physical activity
    • FIFO workers
    • Regional travel
    • Aged care and disability care in lockdown
    • Factories, other than food or medical products, unless necessary
    • Construction industry
    • Holiday home lease or rental
    • Weddings and funerals
    • Outdoor sport
    • Masks mandatory in all areas outside the home
    Can't believe this !!!! Corona, isn't going anywhere and now the Mainstream Media will pile on with dramatic news stories that go on and on....
    There is no cure for Viruses!!!!
    The flu every year kills thousands - WHICH IS A TRAGEDY - and that's with a vaccination program. Yet every year it still comes back...
    We just have to get use to Corona it's not going anywhere...

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    yeah, so?
    nobody wants to go to South Australia anyway

    restrictions are in place so that the hospitals are not overloaded
    yes, the chances of recovery are high, but you will probably need some care

    it has been interesting seeing the local hospital deal with the potential threat. keeping covid patients away from everyone else has meant old wings being reopened. non essential units being moved into long abandoned areas


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      Now you get to feel the same isolation that many Victorian were forced to endure for over 120 days.

      Hopefully the rest of Australia will show a little more compassion and feeling for you guys than they did for Victoria.


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        Your mullet won’t grow much in 6 days


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          Thinking about streaming some pinball tonight. 8:30pm Adelaide time on twitch kimble_pinball

          Thanks for the update Chris! I avoid social media and abc news. Crafts updates are great

          I can see both sides to a debate here. But this is a gross overuse of power. The China virus ain't going anywhere. If people want to stay safe and stay inside they can. What happened to democracy? I wouldn't wish Vic style lockdowns anywhere. And 12 hours notice isnt enough. I guess this thread will be shut down due to differing opinions or at least some greenie inner city Brisbane members will abuse others for having an opinion that differs to theirs.


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            Originally posted by kimbleseven View Post
            . And 12 hours notice isnt enough. I guess this thread will be shut down due to differing opinions or at least some greenie inner city Brisbane members will abuse others for having an opinion that differs to theirs.
            ?greenie inner city Brisbane? WTF
            i thought al the guys from QLD were pretty cool


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              Wow 6 days that's a bit harsh. I forget how long melb was down, was it only 5 days? Cmon Victoria let pass the hat round for our sa mates, the ones that gloated about having pinball meets. Don't want anyone to go through what vic did but I must admit I'm struggling for compassion when my friends didn't get much


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                Yeah most of em are top blokes. Gotta love QLD wish I was there lol.


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                  What their really worrying about is Covid mutating into something even worse. Apparently the Covid-19 in Europe is different to the USA & Asia. So if we get a different version the vaccine wont be universal creating a whole new set of problems.


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                    Originally posted by kimbleseven View Post
                    But this is a gross overuse of power.
                    I know this is an (understandably) emotive response, but are there actually powers that have been overused? High court challenges of the Victorian lock downs were dropped as they were within the regulations.

                    We definitely applaud everyone around the country that helps stop the spread of this, it just takes off so quickly when unchecked!


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                      Like a cold or flu this virus won't have a shot that is 100%. It will mutate and keep coming back. Gonna haveto get on with it eventually while there is some businesses still around.


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                        The health law they used for the lockdown puts all the power to one person. Not the most democratic thing but is in out best interests. Maybe people who are at risk can take shelter and others can social distance/sanitise and continue to go about their business. Most of the cases- I think around 15 are from one family. I guess they are trying to hit it on the head to keep the lockdown shorter maybe.


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                          15 in one family, Geez It's a wonder S.A haven't grabbed the pitchforks & touches on them.


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                            My mate said it was a large Indian family who had lots of children and one of the family was a cleaner at the quarantine hotel. He got sick and gave it to everyone else in the household. And others had symptoms but didn't get tested until the 80 year old grannie went to hospital with respatory problems. Not sure how much is gossip and how much is true but that's what he said...


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                              Ver similar to what happened here in Melbourne.


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