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Sydney's Luna Park


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  • Sydney's Luna Park

    Luna Park was a special place to me as a teenager. Found this vid on YouTube .

    The first pinball machine I ever owned (and still have it) came from Luna Park.
    Anyone have any special memories to share?
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    Great video.
    Really sad to see it go to the crapper


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      Although I've never been to Sydney's Luna Park, as a young child I did get to go to the one in St Kilda, Victoria. Man, I never forgot that look of the entrance of the man in the moon face.
      I'm going to have to make a point of going back there one day.
      cheers for the vid.



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        I worked there for 7 years on the maintenance team as the park's Game tech. It was after the fire and the new park was made. I worked with the brother of the guy given a bravery award for pulling the next car load of people about to go through the one way doors into the fire. There were 4 people in that car and if it went through those steel doors, they would have died as well. Working there, what can I say. I had most of my mates jobs there as well and it was a 7 year party. Yes you worked long and hard but you played harder.
        Earned a lot of money because of the stupidly long hours you worked as a full time worker. Normal 5 day week was 52 hours but the most I ever worked was more like 102. During the Christmas school holidays you worked 7 days a week for the 6 weeks so 42 days straight. During that time working 7 days like all the school holidays, the short day was Sundays....8AM- 5.30PM. All the other days were 8AM - 11PM.
        Fun times but it had to end or I'd be dead now.


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          My Eye of the Tiger allegedly came from Luna Park according to its last owner.

          One of my colleagues was a detective at the time of the fire and was involved in the investigation.

          I went there a couple of years ago for a Christmas party. Fun place to spend a few hours, but I guess I can see why many people say it is shadow of what it was in its heyday.

          Interesting place with an interesting history.

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            Thanks for the video link. I would still like to take my son there one day when he is older. Looks like he would enjoy it!

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              I will be watching this on Tuesday
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                Originally posted by bossninja17 View Post
                I had actually forgotten about this incident, as it seems not many people talk about it. Maybe because I am in Melbourne or it was so long ago, being 42 years ago, I don't know? But I do remember my parents mentioning it at the time it occurred, when I was only 9. Very sad indeed that 7 lives were lost including kids at such an iconic, historic and fun family place.

                Will be watching this investigation for sure. Thanks for posting.


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                  Originally posted by bossninja17 View Post
                  Interesting although I was never lead to believe it was anything other than a tragic fire. The time I worked on the Luna Park maintenance team was after the fire and the park had been rebuilt from the ashes but one of the guys also on the maintanence with me was the brother of the guy that saved more people from going into the fire at the old park and was awarded a bravery medal for his actions.

                  His brother was the one that spoted the fire and stopped the now full cars on the ride from entering in the one way doors and into the fire. On receiving his bravery award for him saving some from curtain death on TV, he was recognised by the WA minister of police and was extradited to WA and charged for the importation of Budda stticks. Turns out he was one of 4 and the other 3 got caught but he made it to NSW and started working at Luna park.

                  I never met the bravery award winner, he was still doing time in WA, but his brother always said his brother believed it was most likely fireworks that started the fire and probably by someone that was on the ride earlier as the fire started well inside the ride.

                  Wasn't unusual to have fireworks going off at the park.

                  Probably what most upsets me about this upcoming ABC report is it can only go back to the survivors and witnesses, (that are still alive), and find something the corronor's report held at the time with all the evidence still avaliable then being investigated by highly trained fire detectives couldn't. Highly unlikely I believe.


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                    Yes it's quite interesting 'what is said at the time'. Time of course can be subjective. 5mins after the fire, 2 days, a week, months or even years?

                    There was a recent fire in the middle of the night at the rear of some local businesses that caused extensive damage to property in the small laneway behind. A cleaner was currently on site at one of the businesses, so luckily the fire was put out quickly by the attending fire brigade unit. When police attended a short time later, one of the firemen stated, "it probably started in the wheelie bin from a lit cigarette butt," and offered no indication or suggestion it may have been deliberately lit. The police obviously compiled their report to reflect same.

                    This business is owned by close friends of ours and CCTV later checked when power to the premises was restored. Footage clearly shows it was deliberately lit and straight out act of arson. The business owner quickly attended the local police station and Detectives informed and the report updated. This then changed things obviously from a police perspective.

                    One of my best mates is a firemen and after repeating this story to him, he stated no firemen at the scene should be offering advice or stating how a fire started until evidence is clear or the scene thoroughly investigated by fire investigators that can often take weeks.

                    I've got no reason to doubt fire investigators at Luna Park in 1979 would not have investigated properly, so this is why I find this incident and upcoming TV show investigation fascinating.


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                      didnt the same thing happen at luna park melbourne as well
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                        it will be interesting to see how much evidence is put forward in connection to Abe Saffron's role in the fire. For background see
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                          Originally posted by Ballypinball View Post
                          didnt the same thing happen at luna park melbourne as well

                          Yes, 2yrs later in 1981. The 'Giggle Palace' attraction was destroyed but no fatalities I believe.


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                            Looking forward to this tonight
                            Accident or arson? The mystery of Sydney's Luna Park Ghost Train fire
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                              if you didn't see part 1 of this tonight, then worth watching on ivew. so sad for the surviving families and the ghost train attendant deserves to be called a hero and honoured
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