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Vbulletin 4 FAQ


Important information for new (and old) users about the forum.

If you have a question EG: Why can't I do XXXX please read the threads in this section before posting.

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    Vbulletin 4 FAQ

    Just putting the common questions I get asked into one post.

    Originally posted by knight76 View Post
    Here is a pic of what I meant about the icons blocking the post page numbers. Only a small issue of course.

    For what ever reason they didn't take in account people using smaller resolutions EG 1024x768 or less.
    You can make the font size smaller by holding down CTRL then either pressing the - or + or use the mouse scroll wheel.
    Try the Morbid Black Fixed skin.

    Originally posted by Mango View Post
    What was the reason for upgrading?

    I dont have any clue about the back end stuff but the front end was easy to use
    I like to keep things up to date, VB 3.8 will only get supported so far and i don't want to run the risk of security problems.
    Basically you are forced to upgrade if you want continued support so we just have to deal, I've done my best to make the transition as painless as possible and nobody hates these major updates more than me but its necessary for the security of the forum.

    Originally posted by Woody View Post
    it may just be my low functioning brain, but I cannot find the quick link to the threads I have been activve in that have new posts. I see the subscribed threads under quicklinks, but thats all the threads I have ever been in. Was it a userCP link??

    EDIT ... Just fond it via the home page. I am sure this used to be on the forum page though?
    Yeah those links on the hope page are old and need updating. User CP is now just "Settings" which can be found in the top right hand of the forum.
    I'm pretty sure the "Subscribed threads" under the quick links does the same thing mate, from what I can it looks exactly the same as clicking on user CP on the hope page. If you want the full list you need to click on "List subscriptions" on the left in settings.

    Originally posted by WOKA View Post
    Been getting a few time out / bad page requests this morning..

    Really like the 'similiar threads' at the bottom of the current thread that you might be viewing. A great resource and way to review threads that you might have otherwised missed.

    Very good..!
    Can't say I've had this issue yet.

    Originally posted by The Pinny Parlour View Post
    Works for me.

    I also logged off and back in again and it didn't retain my skin choice. Little thing so not to worry.
    Ian you have to go to Settings/General then select your skin of choice in there under "Forum skin". Now every time you log out it will remember your skin.
    As you know when you log out it clears your cookies, with this option your selection is stored via the database.
    IMPORTANT *Don't forget to click "SAVE"

    Originally posted by stu View Post
    Just one more thing that I noticed, not sure if it's just a simple tick box.....but when I used to click on the new posts link from the main page, it would display all the new posts and when it got to the point where there was no new posts it would have a bar across saying something like "no threads with new posts" and then the rest of the forum posts would be below it?

    That's not there anymore so when you click the new posts link, it just shows a continuous list. Any chance that can be re-enabled?

    The new update is heaps nicer than the old one!!
    There's some debate over on about that old feature.
    Basically when you click New posts it lists all the new unread posts from your last visit and as you click on them they are removed from the list until somebody posts in it again. On the old forum any posts that wern't viewed by you would be put below that line/text (can't remember what it said now).
    The argument for removing it is basically they are still new posts but "unread" and they will remain there until you either read them or clear the lot with "Mark Posts Read" under "Forum Actions"
    I hope this clears it up for you.

    Where are my points, Gifts and the Vbplaza?
    Unfortunately gone.
    AA is heavily modified, with every major update 95% if not all the mods installed are broken
    VBplaza was a mod we paid for and the support and updates were getting few and far in between to the point of non existent. Many of us who paid for it thought it was dead but recently the Dev came back but still is ****ing us around.
    I've decided to ditch it for another points/store system.

    The biggest problem I'm finding is many mod developers are leaving the VB mod scene because every update of VB4 is breaking their mods, this is BAD news
    vBulletin ownership recently changed hands and the company who took it over is a joke! They released VB4 incomplete and full of bugs. I waited months before I finally decided to install it and I'm still not happy with it.
    Hopefully they will rectify the problems ASAP.

    If you have any questions post them here and I will do the best to answer them.
    I've been giving up my evenings working on AA since Sundays upgrade trying to improve things for you guys

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