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    Forum Updates

    I'm going to keep a log here of any updates on the website here are a few plugins im thinking about installing tell me what you guys think!

    eBay Integration Mod

    There are a few others that havent been converted to VB 3.5 yet like Easy Auction and Trader ratings.

    113 more smiles added. Select them by clicking on [More]
    Last edited by Arcade King; 11 November 2005, 09:51 PM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

    Added 4 new skins which can be selected in the bottom left hand corner of the forum or in your User CP

    I Bulletin Standard
    I Bulletin Blue
    I Bulletin Green
    I Bulletin Purple

    Nice Skins Indeed, talk about choice !

    Removed Steel Purple and Green until the guy who made them updates the templates to comply with the latest VB version 3.5.1


    Attachments for personal messages plugin installed.

    This version of the plugin was ment for a beta version of VB 3.5 and althought it works fine for VB 3.5.1 I noticed when you try to pm somebody now it hangs a bit but nothing serious. Any problems report them here.
    When the fellah releases a updated version ill install it.

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      V3Arcade installed, click on the Arcade link at the top of the forum to play.


        Space Invaders is too easy... any decent player can recover the lives lost after every round...

        Also the game decided to end all of a sudden?
        had plenty of lives... didn't die.. maybe there's a time/score limit set?

        ah well.. these games are a kickarse addition to the forum


          Pacman,Arkanoid,Breakout and Frogger added to the arcade.


            omg.. I can't play games anymore!!! .. need a post count of 20... this one makes 11... arrrg... I WANT THOSE HIGH SCORES DAMMIT!!


              better get posting then

              Its a measure to stop people from joining the forums just to play the Arcade.


                Leader board added to the arcade.


                  Forum upgraded to 3.5.2
                  iTrader (trader ratings) installed yay. See the link at the top of the forum iTrader
                  Trading and ratings are restricted to the Trades/sales/wanted section of the forum.
                  Peoples iTrader info can be viewed by clicking in the iTrader link at the top right of a persons post or when you view their profile.
                  The Steel style skins are disabled until I get more time to update them.


                    Trader Ratings!

                    Hi Guys

                    For anyone who has not used trader ratings yet see some notes below on how to leave someone feedback. It is very simple.

                    1. Go into thread you bought from or sold on and copy the link
                    2. Click on the trader rating next to the persons name
                    3. Use the drop down menu and select if you were the buyer or seller in the transaction.
                    4. Use the drop down menu and select what score you wish to give the person eg Positve +1
                    5. Enter a comment about the transaction like on Egay and submit!
                    6. Message will be sent to the user advising them that you left them feedback.

                    Sweeeeeeet I luv VB, sorry Yabb but ya just can't compete with quality!

                    Note: You may also leave feedback for older transactions if you have a link on this forum in the selling thread!


                      Removed automerge double post.


                        Double Merge

                        Excellent Mate,

                        That feature was startin to really shit me. You would post then reply again and it would make it look like the one stupid post! Conversation looks stupid as if your talking to yourself.



                          Well the idea is to stop spammers double,triple posting and what not.
                          It wasnt ment to make people look like idiots just to keep the forum tidy.


                            Website Update

                            Originally posted by Arcade King
                            Well the idea is to stop spammers double,triple posting and what not.
                            It wasnt ment to make people look like idiots just to keep the forum tidy.
                            Yeah, I figured thats what it was for but I still hate the ****er! lol


                              Just a quick update.

                              I was trying to upload a new avatar and was wonder why it kept getting resized. in a nutshell I had the avatar and profile pic sizes mixed up(wondered why everybodies avatars were so small ). you can now upload and use avartars as big as 130x150



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