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Changes to the For Sale Section 4/01/2020


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  • Changes to the For Sale Section 4/01/2020

    Due to the Vbulletin devs removing an option so users can reply to their own threads I've had to rethink the way the For Sale Channel works..again.
    I know a lot of people liked having their for sale topics closed to comments so this is what I've had to do.

    I've merged both Arcade and Pinball for sale sections back into one.
    AA members with Upgraded Accounts can now close/open their own threads to prevent comments all the while giving you the ability to bump it when you want.
    This ONLY applies to the For Sale section.
    To open and close your For Sale Topic just look for the little cog in the top right and click Close Topic to reopen just do the same.
    I'm not sure if you can reply to your own closed topic without reopening it, maybe you can tell me

    Additionally AA members with Upgraded Accounts can also Subscribe to For Sale and Wanted Channels.

    This is a special thanks for all of you who help me pay the bills and keep Aussie Arcade up for the last 15 going on 16 years.

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    Thanks for this feature.
    Of note, using the Green theme,. the cog icon is invisible (I noticed some thread also the text is invisible) Changing it back to Default I could find the icon!.....'


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        I'll start looking at it
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