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RC car batteries and charges and why?

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  • RC car batteries and charges and why?

    I recovered my Tamiya Astute over the weekend, from cousins many years younger, and was wondering about acquiring or making myself a new battery pack for it.

    Is there any reason not to use 2x 18650 cells to make a battery (or even 3x, as i used to run it pretty hot and i have a spare motor) assuming i get fast discharge ones? (c15 or higher, i guess?)

    What else can i do for a cheap ~7V-to-~10V battery pack and charger?

    Finally, how do these cars stack up against ones you can get now for under $200? And why are the old ones still so expensive on ebay? Nostalgia?

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    I remember the Astute, damn that was a long time ago. The days of the Fox, Frog, Hornet etc, good times.

    Does it have a mechanical speed controller in it?

    Exceptions apply, however the modern breed of RC cars tend to be lighter and better balanced. Batteries have improved significantly and motors are much faster than years ago. Even a cheap bottom end Lipo/brushless setup will blow away most nitro powered cars.
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