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  • Drone Rescue

    If you lose your drone on top of someone?s house, what do you do?

    Buy an even bigger drone to rescue it, of course!
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    That's pretty cool


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      My bro-in-law did this, only with the same drone. Just went out and bought another one and knocked his other drone off the roof. I should see if hes got the video and add it to this thread. Either way that is a really awesome vid!
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        i once lost a radio control plane cos its servo got stuck and wouldnt turn so i tried to ditch it when i got out of site once i knew it i could no longer control its direction. where it landed i dont know and ive never seen it again.
        to this day i am confused where it landed or crashed. i spent two days looking for it no luck, drones at least have those cameras so you can see where they gone


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          Cool video thanks for sharing

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            That is an amazing video and the dramatic sound clip to go with it


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