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Anyone here fly the DJI Phantom 2 Drone ?

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  • Anyone here fly the DJI Phantom 2 Drone ?

    Hi Guys
    I'm very new to RC and have just purchased a DJI quad which personally, I think is brilliant. I've added a gimble mount with Go Pro 3+ and a FPV kit back to a 7" monitor. The GPS makes for easy 'Auto' flying and to date, no crashes! However, I'm wondering what sort of hours flight-time I should allow each motor and propeller before the inevitable happens and it all comes tumbling back down to Earth in a meteoric way. Any words of wisdom much appreciated.

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    Hi flipper,
    I’ve heard about the DGI Phantom2 from my software compression friend (he has a contract with Gopro) and he says I ‘MUST’ have one of these RC drones. I have to say, I’m envious of your purchase. I can’t believe how much range these things have and with the right camera/gimble this technology is going to revolutionize aerial viewing of properties for real-estate marketing and a billion other uses.
    The only down side, is that once the ATSB cottons on to these things, they are going to force a licence onto the owner. In the US the FAA is currently prosecuting a hobbyist for taking a payment during filming; making it a COMMERCIAL FLIGHT, go figure!
    Check out this recent youtube link:
    Sorry for hijacking your thread, just wanted everyone to see what you have in your hands.


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      Good point, thousands of applications but something to check on before anyone goes knocking on real-estate salesman’s doors touting their new ‘toy’ to make a buck, here’s the way I understand things here in Australia:
      Hobby flying your Drone or RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) formerly UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and Commercial aerial work (if you intend to take photos or video for sale) are considered different activities under Australian law. You cannot operate a Phantom in Australia for commercial photography or any aerial work without CASA approval, an Operator Certificate and Controller Certificate are both required.
      I’m with you on the down-side, guessing it won’t be long before new legislation is formed banning us from Urban/Built-up areas too, such as in Europe.
      In the meantime, have fun Hobby flying.


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        I didnt notice this RC area till now
        I agree with flipper on the commercial use rules. I have spoken to a person who does use the phantom commercially and who has been involved in discussions with CASA.
        The increase in the amount of quad copters is causing CASA some problems as the legislation is somewhat outdated. From what I hear there is a report being done on how the laws may be changed
        to remove some restrictions.. i.e. having to pass a helicopter pilots theory test.
        I believe they are looking at categorising helo's and quads into weight categories and having rules set for different "weights".

        In reality, CASA does not have alot of guys on the ground to police the rules.


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