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    I have 2 R/C Nitro Trucks that I am looking at selling.
    I have the OFNA Dominator Extreme and the Traxxas TMax 2.5.
    Would like to know of approx prices I could get for these (was thinking around $200 for the Dominator and $150 for the TMax).

    Pics of models in links.

    TMaxx 2.5:
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    Those are good prices in my opinion :-)


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      They seem like fair prices to me too. Of course, it depends on the condition that they're in and what they come with.

      @lien_Zed knows his RC stuff, hopefully he'll chip in with some useful information.
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        Thanks so far guys.
        I will get more details about each, but I do know that the TMaxx comes with everything from the RTR box.
        The Dominator (blue aluminum chassis) comes with a Sanwa MX-3 controller (bought due to interference with other cars frequencies).
        Both are in fairly new condition as only used them on a school oval a few times, rest of the time they have sat in the shed.

        I also have another buggy style car that will be for sale, but unsure of the details until I find it.
        I also have a starter box that sits under the buggy/truck to assist starting in the shed somewhere.
        Will get picks of all soon.
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          Here are some picks of the items that I have at looking to sell.
          Was looking at maybe around $500 for the lot below.
          May have a buyer at work when I take the pics in tomorrow.

          Traxxas TMaxx 2.5 with Remote, Quick Starter and Reverse kit

          Kyosho Inferno 75 with Remote

          Ofna Dominator Extreme with Sanwa MX-3

          BSD Racing Starter

          Toolbox with tools, some spare parts and a Quick Battery Charger (for Racing Starter above)
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            id love a starter box, in fact id love the lot but im not flush with any coin at present. the kids would sure love a couple of monster trucks (they love the buggy, the monster truck here is still needing a radio cos its got the jitters)
            very nice lot
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              Well I have somebody interested at work, but waiting for them to get back to me about when they want the lot (at $600 the lot).
              If it falls through then it will be offered for $500 the lot for an AA member (Pickup Only).
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