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used for old NiMh batterys

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  • used for old NiMh batterys

    a few weeks ago for fathers day/ my birthday misses_zed let me spend a few hundred bucks on my erevo and i bought a few hings including some new lipo batteries. these are the ones i bought

    perfect fit for my erevo. anyhow what to do with the 7 cel nimh batteries. they are still reasonably new, tried to sell them on a few forums and no one biggie.i expected that as lipo is all the rather then let them rot i scratched my head for ages to think of something to use them on.
    so i grabbed my wind up torch/radio unscrewed it and took a few videos of me modifying it.yesterday i made up a y cable for for and now im running both batteries to it
    rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
    if your new to electronics and

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    Great batteries zed! I use the Turnigy nanotech LiPos for my heli, and with a high C rating they are perfect for quick throttling in inverted 3d flight. $40 bucks for the ones i use, compared to the Kong Power $200 packs of a couple of years ago is a bargain and a half. So far i have had no problems with balanced charging at all

    Heres the ones i use


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