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    I've always been interested in RC cars. When I was a kid we never had money for any, so I never had one But retained the interest as an adult. I could never commit to a big purchase, so I collected Kyosho mini-z cars over the past years, but haven't added for 3 or 4 years now (I've got 6 or so).

    This weekend the Tamiya store was having a sale and a few things went my way:

    #1 The wife wasn't around
    #2 I was there with a total Tamiya addict (bro-in-law)
    #3 We found a Tamiya store?
    #4 20% off store wide sale

    Click image for larger version

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    Also managed to find the Kyosho distributor and were it not for bag space, was sorely tempted by this:

    It was mammoth, and would have been awesome!

    Anyone else into RC?
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    I'm into RC. Used to fly nitro planes and have always been into cars. Lately I've been getting into the electric helis.

    Not so much into it any more, can't seem to find the time or money. I tend to focus on one hobby at a time and at present that's consoles and arcade stuff.
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      I had 2 of these when I was a kid...

      They were the shit back then. We built a track over in the back paddock.....

      NOTE: They don't like to be jumped very high

      I'd love to get a nice 1/10 battery powered car again to play with....i remember it being an expensive hobby though.


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        Yeah I have always been into any forms of RC. First cars then boats then planes. Did a bit of car racing. Even got a Heli at one point. All my old car stuff is in storage on the east coast awaiting my arrival . Got an electric plane with me at the moment I fly as I travel around.
        Cant beat the old Tamiya kits though. I use to have the original Hornet car and also a Falcon.
        Can never go past the stuff without a look when I take the young bloke to Toyworld .


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          I always thought the Tamiya stuff was regarded as crappy gear. Every time we used to get Tamiya kit there would be stripped gears and smashed bits all the time.

          What are the good brands of battery powered cars these days. I remember Associated, LOSI, Kyosho.....


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            Tamiya is a bit of a cheap brand, the cars of theirs that I've owned have always been of a lower build quality.

            Associated, Losi and Kyosho are still big players, and Traxxas has really gained popularity.
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              Wow interesting to hear that because when I had my Hornet years ago they were the beeez neez.


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                Yeah, I used to be a Tamiya kid. Had stacks of cars of theirs and was always pretty happy with them.

                From memory I had:
                Grass Hopper
                Hot Shot
                Wild One

                Not all at the same time mind you, but usually 2 or 3 at any time.


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                  Tamiya were (and basically still are) the upper end of toy and lower end of enthusiast RC. Great backyard/park RC. I always had cheap RC cars (road) when I was a kid. When I got married I got my first Tamiya (Stadium truck) and later my first real RC (HPI RS4 Nitro Pro). In the last few years my son (now 7) has been getting interested but the holder of the purse strings won't let me buy something at that level so I've been down the toy road again and also the Chinese knockoff (had a copy of the Associate RC18T each but kept breaking parts). Have been given permission to spend a few hundred for an electric RC buggy/truggy for the young bloke for Christmas so am wondering what I can get that won't fall to bits and I can get parts for readily. Would prefer 1/10 scale but down to 1/18 if need be.
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                    I have a HPI E10 AE86 (the red one) and I got it last year. Came with a rolling shell + motor. I bought a few pieces here and there for it and its been solid since.
                    I did have a Rtr Tamiya but on the 2nd day I had it, the wheel frame snapped (this was a few years ago) and I didnt know of parts for it so I couldnt use it. The HPI E10 was great fun though just haven't played with it as much as I used to unfortunately.
                    @Viper: HPI E10'sand Tamiya TT-01's are fairly popular and have lots of parts readily available and are of great build quality from what I've heard. I can vouch for the HPI E10 as mine has had a few crashes and it bounces back and isnt that slow either with a stock motor (can be upgraded if its too slow for you). You could probably get a running HPI E10 or TT-01 for a few hundred easily.
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                      I have a HPI baja 5B buggy that I love to use . It runs a 2 stoke motor that is very easy to start - have had problems with starting glow plug type cars.

                      Also enjoy the electric heli's although the wife get the shits when I buzz the small one around the house and chase her with it.


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                        back in the old days (lol) Tamiya was THE brand. I cant even remember hearing of any others until Kyosho came along, which at the time where regarded as the inferior product to Tamiya.
                        I also have one of these in peices in storage. Couldnt find parts for it 10 years ago so ended up getting it running with old photo copier parts my old man found at the dump. Not quite as original as this one but still looks much the same. I think they are from the mid 80's era. It is 4 wheel drive with a .21 size engine. It has a small steel chain the ran the length of the car to drive the front and back diffs.

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                          Never been into nitro myself, always preferred battery, less problems and not that much slower these days, easier to get parts too.

                          For me its more about reliving something that I couldn't get at the time (in the 80s). The car on the right is a 1:18 rtr hornet. The kit in the middle is a Sand Scorcher from the early 80s / late 70s (re-release of course). The car on the left is something a bit quicker, 4wd Super Levant.

                          Got a trip coming up in January possibly to Hong Kong so will try and get the Ultima DB then
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                            nice to see the hornet in the o/p photos. i started to get back in to rc's last year after a 20 year absence.
                            i still have my heart set on a traxxas summit


                            currently have a traxxas erevo i bought from a fellow AA member at the right price a few months ago


                            it was my birthday last week on friday and misses_zed said cos she loves me and im such an awesome husband i get $300 to spend my erevo! so i bought myself 2 x decent hyperion battery chargers

                            and some RPM parts from
                            the rpm parts i bought is a set of true track a-arms front/rear for the erevo

                            i have picked out another $300 worth of gear for christmas including many titanium parts, and billet machines front/rear bulkheads.... mmmmm.... much toughness in the

                            have also helped out another AA member here on the forum in brisbane set himself and his son up with a traxxas summit as well.

                            feel free to drop my youtube channel

                            i could talk about rc's all day, great fun, great to be back in it again
                            rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
                            if your new to electronics and


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                              I bought a losi xxxt a few years back and thought it was the gun until I bought a losi nitro truck ... Needless to say the battery powered cars don't even get a look in anymore :-)


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