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Samsung Gear VR -Cool!!

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  • Samsung Gear VR -Cool!!

    So I had to get a new phone as I had trashed the last one -S5
    So decided to get the S7
    Vodafone had a deal that included the Gear VR which I didnt really know much about
    so anyway decided to get it
    Really immersive experiences from being underwater or just being in a room with some dude playing a piano
    The demo clip -Jurassic world Apatosaurus had me nearly falling over backwards
    Also watching netflix sitting in a someones lounge room is cool
    You can even watch your own videos from your phone in various virtual theaters
    Can be a bit of a spin out returning to the real world after watching for a while
    Facebook - "Arcade Furniture"
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    Could imagine some kind of pinball experience with it as well maybe some day. Was checking out my pinball pics in 3d and even that was incredible.

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