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Got Siri onto my Ipod Tough 4G

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  • Got Siri onto my Ipod Tough 4G

    Today I looked up the hack to get Siri working on my Ipod Tough 4G and gave it a burl. Worked right of the bat. Pretty good, but it does on occasion not pickup what i asked, but that would be the minority of times. Also, it can't find things in Australia (cafes etc)

    Anyway, if anyone is interested in getting it on there ipod touch or earlier (non siri supported) iphone or ipad running 5.1.1

    Here's how to do it:

    EDIT: Don't forget to also get SiriToggles, nothing say's lazy ass retro gamer like someone who says launch pinball arcade to have there game auto launched. IT will also let you change settings via voice command as well as launch apps. Get it via Cydia.

    Some info on it:
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    Thanks for that one!! Will be installing this once I get home today.


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