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    Ok Guys and Girls, old contract with Telstra has expired and looking to get the Minister for Finance a new Phone/Phone plan.

    Current spend per month seems to be around $50, lots of SMS per month and the rest calls. Any opinions / advice.

    I really want to get away from Telstra but then again if they have the best deals will stick it out.

    thanks in advance

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    think telstra have an all inclusive deal now for home, mobile, and internet, maybe worth a look


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      We have a few 3 (Three) capped plans here. The $29 cap gives $120 of call / text and the $49 cap gives about $300 of call / text. Coverage is good as it can drop back to the Telstra network if you're out of the 3 coverage area. 3 is part owned by Telstra anyway.
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        I tell ya what optus prepaid is good these days if you dont want a free phone or dont like being locked in a contract.
        I am on the turbo cap. Gives you:
        $30 = $120 credit + $30 MyTime Money
        $40 = $200 credit + $40 MyTime Money
        $50 = $300 credit + $50 MyTime Money
        $70 = $570 credit + $70 MyTime Money
        $100 = $800 credit + $100 MyTime Money

        The mytime is 6 numbers that you nominate that are on optus. The mytime money is then used when you call them.
        Credits last 30 days, but roll over if you recharge before the 30 days is up (I recharge at 29 days)
        It's a great deal


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          Been looking around for the missus, best deal seems to come the '3'.

          From memory $500 per month credit from Telstra was $69.00 per month and $550 from 3 was $59 per month. 3's flag fall and call costs were on the whole less than Telstra too.

          I want a contract which gives her a freebie PS3..!


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            Originally posted by woka View Post
            I want a contract which gives her a freebie PS3..!
            Oh I hear that....

            Strathfield use to do offers like that but they ultimately locked you in to long contracts...


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              Im with Vodafone and they are pretty close to the rest.
              $29= $130
              $49= $310

              Sometimes you get shit coverage but it was better thanwhen I was with Telstra.


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