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    This game is immense. Actually, immense does not even being to describe it, it's got to be the largest world I have ever seen in a videogame, and I play a lot of RPGs. The Witcher 3 has nothing on the scale of Xenoblade. No load screens, the entire world is just open for you to run around. It has crazy verticality also, heaps of massive mountains to climb to get to high points and survey the world. Truly, a technical masterpiece to manage something like this on Wii U, the most underpowered of all the current gen consoles.

    If you have a Wii U and you love Japanese RPGs, you need to buy this game, especially if you liked the original Xenoblade on Wii. It refuses to hold your hand, throws you totally in the deep end and then laughs as you drown. This may be my GOTY, I am only 8 hours in, so I can't make the call just yet. Currently my GOTY is Witcher 3, but Xenoblade might just win once I commit some more time to it.

    Check out this video for the size of the world, also, that is only ONE section of the world

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    Looking forward to my copy coming .. although I still haven't played the original, so should start that one first!

    With a world so large though, how much exploration is really needed to get a full experience though? Hopefully it's not all just filler.


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      There's no follow-on from the original, so no need to have played it. However, if you have played the original, it gives you a much better understanding of the combat system, which is confusing at first. The world is filled with a lot of fetch quests, par for the course for a Japanese RPG. However, I have never had so much fun just exploring the world, there is so much verticality, as well as all the ground based exploration. It's just nuts. Finding paths to places feels really organic. Traverse a mountain, stand at the top, see a land bridge to another mountain, then jump down to the ground and find new locations. If you want to TRULY experience the game, you want to explore every nook and cranny, it was the same in the first one. Lots of hidden paths and secrets to uncover.

      After about 30 hours of play you get a giant robot called a Skell which you can use to fly around the map, much like the airships in Final Fantasy. I am only 9 hours in, so I am a long way off getting the Skell.


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        It'll have to wait .. I'm playing through Fallout 4. 48 hours of game time in and I still haven't started the main story.


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          Yeah, I am level 38 in Fallout 4 and have stopped playing to pick up Xenoblade.


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